Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Review

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has one of the most addictive and advanced multiplayer experience on the market at the moment. With addictive levelling systems and a very smart class based system. This game has a multiplayer that keeps you coming back for more.

Playing Online on BC2 you can expect 24 people in one match, with squad based gameplay, vehicle gameplay and a huge variety of weapon upgrades for your guns, your tanks and your secondary weapons. The game also features a levelling system, similar to the CoD levelling system, but on BC2 you don’t just unlock new scopes and skins for your weapon, you also unlock such things as the ability to bring down fiery hell with mortar fire or fix your tank in the middle of the battlefield.

Vehicles, the one thing that CoD MW2 never had. And with the addition of vehicles in BC2 comes a whole new online experience. You may be able to hide in that window, but when a huge tank comes rattling round the corner, points itself at your building, shoots, and not just destroys your wall. But it also levels the whole building. The building can collapse, and everyone on top or inside of it dies with the building. And the tank just rolls away ready to obliterate some other poor soldier. You can also drive quads, a fast and quite useful way to get around the battlefield, but don’t attempt to drive in the sight of a sniper, because headshots are plenty in this game. Helicopters are also in this game and although there are only a couple of maps that have helicopter spawns on them, when you do enter the pilot seat and two other people are manning the machine guns it turns into a flying machine of death. Except when someone pulls out an RPG and blows you to smithereens.

You have to keep constantly on your guard in this game, because you can get killed by so many different things. Mortar fire, tank shells, grenade launchers, run over by a quad, sniper rifle bullet, building landing on your head, oh and don’t forget being drilled in the skull by the repair tool. Don’t worry though, you can spawn again, and the thing that makes this game unique is when you spawn,  it’s not a typical call of duty type game when you perhaps get one kill and then die.  Sometimes you can stay alive for a whole game sniping up on the top of a mountain. Before you can even spawn at times you can get revived by people who have upgraded their medic class to the stage where they can bring people back to life with defibrillators.

Squad’s are very important in the game, not only are they the people that you can rely on to cover your back, to climb in your vehicles with you, and capture the flags with you, but you can also spawn behind your team. In the respawn screen you can change the class you are, the secondary weapons and vehicle upgrades you have equipped. But then you can choose one of your team members to spawn behind. Not in the general area, but you literally spawn a couple of inches right behind the person. This can be pretty useful for providing backup in the middle of the battle by spawning straight into the middle of the battlefield. But at other times, spawning behind a person just about to get taken down by a sniper could result in a very fast death.

The game modes in the game are the typical types that you can expect from a Battlefield type game, with typical Deathmatch games which can be won by a team losing a certain amount of lives, but conquest, one of the objective game modes is my favourite, covering three or four different flags placed around the map can become very difficult if you don’t have the right team. And the right kit to stand your ground.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 has a very addictive multiplayer aspect, with the levelling system being applied to all your weapons, classes and overall rank. Killing people with collapsing buildings has never felt so good.

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