Bad Company 2 Single Player Review

Bad Company is back, and this time it’s bigger, better and one of the most technologically advanced war games out on the market today.

Bad Company 2 takes everything from the first game and makes it perfect. Do you remember in Bad Company 1 you could knock down walls to kill enemies? Well how about collapsing the whole building and causing it to land ontop of your enemy.  Bad Company 2 does a great job at changing how you think about the battlefield and how to kill the enemy, whether it be killing them sneaking through the back door and thrusting a knife through their skull, or throwing a grenade through a window. Alternatively, if your just feeling that little bit mean, planting C4 all the way round the building, running past the window to taunt him, and then pulling the trigger to explode to obliterate the walls causing the building to crush him and his friends.

The story in Bad Company 2 has been greatly improved, with you still being part of B Company with Sweetwater and the rest of the crew. You once again play as protagonist Private Preston Marlow in his attempt to stop… well, i won’t spoil the story for you. But this time your stopping something pretty huge. The story does have a good structure to it, and the environments (Alaska, Chile) that you will come across in the game are very varied, such as driving a tank through a small town blowing up rocket launcher wielding enemies or having quad bike races through thick jungle with your team shouting “Snowmobiles are for pussies” (which is a hilarious MW2 joke by the way).

Don’t attempt to take cover, because most likely that cover will be gone within seconds, keep on your feet and keep moving. Even though the enemy AI in this game isn’t really that greatly improved and you can still take down a whole squad of enemies that find it a good idea to hide behind an destroyable truck that’s heavily damaged. You still can’t command your squad mates but they still follow you around like you have a cheeseburger hanging out your back pocket, and you can’t go far without hearing some funny quote.

Destruction is such a huge part of this game now, every time you enter a new area the first thing you think is, where can I hide, will it explode, and how much death can I cause by destroying that wall. The intensity has been increased and so have your interaction with vehicles, with you having to frequently ride them,  shoot them down with RPG’s or run up behind them, throw some C4 on the back and run like hell.

Bad Company does have some issues, such as obviously everything isn’t destroyable, and sometime you will run go out of the map boundaries and die with no warning. You will get a good six or seven hours out of this game though, and with a huge multiplayer component included in the game, I wouldn’t worry about having to trade this in any time soon.

Any fan of Bad Company 1 would enjoy Bad Company 2. And anyone new to the Bad Company series, this is a great buy for someone who is a fan of war games.

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