Why Is There A Hatch? Just Cause.

As I’m sure many of you know, Just Cause 2 was released earlier this week. What you may not know is that the developers decided to throw in a little somethin’-somethin’ extra.

You see, ABC has a little show called Lost — apparently a few people like it or something? — that centers around the survivors of a plane crash. Islands and smoke monsters and polar bears (oh my!) are involved, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. What I do know is that Just Cause 2 seems to have taken a page from Lost‘s plot line and added their own mysterious island.

So, let’s recap. Randomly exploding planes? Check. Creepy uncharted island? Check. Questionably placed fallout shelters? Check. Yup, it seems fairly conclusive.

Besides the appearance of the Hatch, players have also mentioned hearing the notorious Smoke Monster flitting throughout the jungle, although that remains unverified. Regardless, this is an interesting little easter egg for the five, maybe ten people who’ll get the reference.

Information and screenshot comes via GamesRadar.

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