Games That Nobody Plays Anymore: Left 4 Dead


Left 4 Dead is one of those rare games from Valve in which I just look and shake my head. I see all of its appeal, I just never liked zombie games. I always saw them as too self-indulgent, Dead Rising didn’t do it for me and Resident Evil never held up its end of the bargain. One fateful night my friend pulled out this game from his collection, asked me if I wanted to play. I refused, making some sort of suggestions like “Games are art.” or “Valve make Half-Life, not zombie-life.” (I was about as articulate as a shrimp). Chuckling to himself, he threw the controller in my hands as I rolled my eyes. The next twenty minutes were absolute bliss. We played it all night, went on to the online community, I got hooked. I bought two copies of the game, played it day and night, got into a group of players. I was living the high life, living the high dreams and killing zombies.

Forget the controversy of Left 4 Dead 2, this is where the real money was at. A grouchy biker, an age old ‘Nam veteran, an office guy and something with boobs. I don’t think I ever had much more fun than my time with Left 4 Dead, at least with anonymous folks. I asked other friends if they liked it; they didn’t like it and one of them is a easy-scare so I laughed and told him to go buy a Wii. I felt so damn proud until I realized he already had a Wii and a copy of Cooking Mama.

There’s a formula that no game ever hits except Valve. Whenever I think they go wrong, they pull me out of doubt and slap me silly with some sort of magical drug which makes all of my troubles go away. If Left 4 Dead was the first Valve title I ever tasted, I would have probably gone insane due to the amount of greatness I had been missing out on. There’s just something about cruising with a group of people, sharing resources, blasting zombies, shooting zombies, helping others, killing zombies. Killing zombies. Killing zombies.

Left 4 Dead 2 can wait for another day, since it’s still being played. Not to say this beast isn’t still being played either, I know many of people who prefer the original. I have mixed views, which is good given that the sequel actually distinguishes itself from the run of the mill annual titles which add 1-4 new features. Yes I said that. Hello annual sports title, hello sports game buyer. What’s that? You feel insulted. GO PLAY ON YOUR WII HAHHAHAHAHAHAA.

I joke, but Left 4 Dead’s original formula never needed changing, the sequel just expanded upon it instead of innovating (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

I think, personally, that Left 4 Dead isn’t something that will ever die. I have been hooked on it since forever, playing once a week with a few friends of mine and enjoying every zombie infested second. There’s the right amount of tension and rest to make it worthwhile, it’s like you’re playing a GOOD horror movie. I don’t often say this about videogames, but if I was stranded on a desert island with only one person, an internet connection and one gamesystem and game, here’s what I would pick. Felicia Day, Xbox 360, Left 4 Dead.


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  • TakerH

    100% Agreed

  • Nice article. Are you the only one that’s allowed to write these articles? I’d like to write one too on some games…

  • Haha

    mad people still play left 4 dead so i dunno why you’re reviewing this game when you dont know what you are talking about.

  • heh.

    more people play left 4 dead 1 than they do 2.