Jimi Hendrix Now Exclusive To Rock Band, DLC Pack to Come

Jimi Hendrix is making his second music-game appearance now with new Rock Band downloadable content coming out soon. The full Hendrix album of “Axis: Bold As Love” is coming to Rock Band, in addition to more tracks coming soon, such as the newly released single “Valleys of Neptune”. The album will come to Rock Band by March 30th. Rolling Stone says that the tracks releasing on Rock Band by the 30th are as follows:

“Up From the Skies”
“Spanish Castle Magic”
“Wait Until Tomorrow”
“Ain’t No Telling”
“Little Wing”
“If 6 Was 9″
“You Got Me Floatin’”
“Castles Made of Sand”
“She’s So Fine”
“One Rainy Wish”
“Little Miss Lover”
“Bold As Love”
“Valleys of Neptune”

The only song from “Axis” that is missing from this list is the opening track, EXP, which, according to Rolling Stone, “will be available both as an album and standalone tracks”. This downloadable track pack is a must-buy for any Hendrix fan that owns Rock Band. These tracks are currently only confirmed for Xbox 360 and Rock Band 2 for the Wii, and most tracks on LEGO Rock Band on the consoles (only excluding Up From the Skies and Valleys of Neptune, neither of which have inappropriate themes or dirty words, unless you count “hell” as one).

Currently, Rock Band is in agreements with the Hendrix Experience to make a Hendrix avatar for Rock Band, much like Guitar Hero World Tour did with him. While it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not that will happen, it still seems like a great possibility to have Hendrix himself perform all his songs on Rock Band, rather than the 2 included with Guitar Hero.

I don’t personally own any Rock Band games (yes, I’m one of those Guitar Hero a-holes), but this does seem like an interesting venture into more of Hendrix’s music in the Rock Band universe. I’m excited to see how this will play out.

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  • Can’t wait for this to come out. Hendrix is just awesome!

    • Yeah, Hendrix is awesome. I want to see if this becomes so successful, that they’ll release a game on it. Unlikely, but still possible.