My First Day At PAX East

As a lot of you know I packed my bags and headed to Boston Mass. for the first annual PAX East.  Once arriving at the Hynes Convention Center I was taken back as there was no crowds standing outside trying to get in out of the cold.  So I started to wonder maybe it was a mistake that PAX East was sold out, that was until I stepped through the doors and found out that this is why nobody is outside because they are already here.  So I found the area to pick up my media badge to start my journey into my first PAX.

Well I thought I was going to start my journey because after picking up your badge and your bag of swag (advertisements) you took your place in line,  But of course this didn’t go as planned as I was supposed to meet up with a fellow journalist as he was already in line.  Well I lost him in the crowd that has seemed to grow two-fold once I had my back turned.  After about an hour the line started to move and the show was a go and we started to move through the mazes of ropes and caution tape.  The whole time will going through this maze I had my sites set on attending the keynote that was to be presented by Wil Wheaton.  Well that didn’t go as planned.  We (the thousands of others) started towards the Main Theatre and we where being redirected before we even got off the escalators to the third floor to the upper seating area, well another floor up no big deal as long as I get to see the keynote and I didn’t miss it.  I think you know where this is going right?  Well once we got to the upper seating area the “Enforcer” at the door said this area was full, talk about a bunch of disappointed gamers.  As we stood there is disbelief the “Enforcer” told us to line up against the wall and they would try to find seating for some of us.  As I was standing against the wall I started to wonder to myself where have I done this before as the “Enforcer” yelled  next five.  Than it came to me, I had heard this before when I was waiting to be called in for chow when I was a Correction Officer trainee in the training academy.  Needless to say I got in and I was seated in an area that you couldn’t even see the stage (well the back of the stage was all I seen).

At least I could still hear the keynote and when Wil Wheaton came out he electrified the crowd, as he had two words “Welcome Home” the crowd roared with excitement.  Wil went on to throw a few jabs at now ex-attorney Jack Thompson and the crowd went wild with laughter and cheers.  Overall Wil gave an awesome keynote as he made a lot of old school game references and his start into geekdom when he received a Christmas gift that he was disappointed with until he ended up with a “Trapper Keeper” full of his characters he created with that Christmas gift Dungeons and Dragons.

So I got to hear the keynote and only missed what he was actually doing on stage, so I ventured to the exhibition hall to see some new games and get my hands on Red Dead Redemption and some other titles that I will tell you about in the upcoming days.  This PAX has proven to hit here in Boston, but I kind of wonder did they have a big enough venue for all this awesomeness?

Tomorrow is another day and we will see what that brings, as I know it will entail a lot of walking and waiting in lines.  I guess I should have brought my PSP or DS for something to do while I wait in line, but that is something that is going on the list to bring next time.

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