Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cover Unveiled

Not a huge deal of information has been revealed on Super Mario Galaxy 2. All we know is that it’ a much deserved sequel to the Wii title released a few years back, it features Yoshi and there are more of those lovely mind warping, gravity haywire levels we loved from the first.

But alas! We finally have the box art for the North American release to drool over while we imagine darting through the galaxy as the portly plumber with his Yoshi pals.

Now that's more like it.

Not only does the cover look like a rainbow has puked all over it (which is a good thing mind!) it also features Yoshi as well as Mario which definitely shows that Yoshi is a key element to the sequel.

So finally we have some new info, not a lot, but a little tidbit. However there are thousands of questions remaining..

What’s the story? What implications does the very cryptic ending of SMG1 have on it’s sequel? Where’s my cookies? And will it be good?

Mark your calendars for May 23rd, get saving up the pennies and we’ll all soon find out.

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  • no puedo esperar mas para ver que tiene para ofrecernos esta prometedora nueva saga de mario


    That isn’t completely true. Yoshi was shown on the cover of “the new super mario bros wii” and was even playable in the demos of the game. He wasn’t all that important in that game. 🙁 Maybe the same will be done here. Anyway Yoshi or no Yoshi when is Peach gonna get a good game? Her DS title was hideous though I played it happilly.