Crackdown 2 Multiplayer Impressions

If you are a listener of P*N’s Lock and Load you will know I am no fan of Crackdown.  Not that it’s not a good game it just didn’t catch my attention and it really felt like I was forcing myself to play it.  Needless to say Crackdown made it’s way to my “backlog” that seems to grow with every great tile that comes out.

So when I seen Crackdown 2 at PAX East I really didn’t know if I was going to pick it and even give try.  But I soon changed my mind and said what the hell this is what I am here for is to try out these games and let you know what I thought of them.  So I made a U-turn and headed back to the Crackdown 2 booth.  Microsoft made you feel comfortable as soon as it was your turn to sit down and throw on a headset and grab a controller.  The match soon started and to my surprise I was really enjoying the multiplayer aspect of the game.  We had the opportunity to play Rocket Tag and well the name kind of says it all.  But if you are unsure I will tell you about it.  First the only weapon you have is a rocket launcher and the object is to kill the person that is “it”  and grab the orb.  You gain points by being it and the longer you are it the more points you gain.  Throw in the jumping you would expect from Crackdown and the launch pads and you have one fun match.  The controls came natural like I was a longtime player of Crackdown.  Then I thought to myself was I really enjoying this game?  Well the answer is yes I was and I wanted more.  The group that I had the chance to play with was some seasoned vets of Crackdown and they left talking about how they had to have this new title in the series.

All in all Crackdown 2 has changed my mind about the game and when I get home I will be throwing in Crackdown just so I will be up to date with the series once Crackdown 2 is released July 6th 2010.

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  • A Dark Knight 2

    Nice quick, clear, and concise article..! I’m totally excited for Crackdown 2 as well!

  • Gemini Ace

    Words cannot describe how excited I am for this game!