A Look Into Breach

Here’s a title I never heard of until PAX East and it has me excited to play once it is released early Summer for the Xbox 360.  The title is Breach and you play as a member of black ops team from the CIA’s Secretive Activities Division or SAD and you are set out to race across mountains to intercept a biological weapon (there will be four different game types revealed in the upcoming months).  Sounds pretty blah right?  Well it is not by any means this title is actually a XBL Arcade title that will be releasing for the small sum of $15 and once you see the screenshots below you wont believe that this is a XBL Arcade game.  From the advance cover system to the character classes this title will sure to please the FPS in all of us.

There are five distinct classes you can choose from to include Rifleman, Recon, Support, Gunner and of course your sniper for those long distance headshots.  Recon does not become available until you have mastered 2 classes.  Once Recon is unlocked you will be given less armor but it will give you speed advantages which allows you to engage enemies both at close and long ranges.  You will also have gadgets at your disposal from a bionic ear to a remote sensor that allows you to protect your flanks while sniping.

The maps are something I wouldn’t have expected either as there will be 3 large daytime maps and one large night-time map and something I didn’t expect to hear once I asked about DLC, there will be an additional daytime map and one night-time map available for free download once the community has achieved objectives.  Not saying there wont be any paid DLC, but as of right now you will at least be getting something for free.

The weapons in the game are nice as there will be 23 different weapons available to include your basic handgun to your RPG and each of the weapons are authentic  and you will be able to upgrade you weapons as there is eight different attachment available.

Now onto the gameplay.  The gameplay was great from the ease of play to the weapons.  Each weapon was something you would get from a real weapon as the projectiles impact the surface differently depending on the surface and of course the caliber of the projectile and velocity.  As I was playing the game I was surprised by the look and feel of the game that this was an XBLA title.  The graphics where something you would expect from a $60 game.  I will definitely be picking this one up as the price is set at $15.  It will also be available on PC for those that prefer to get you FPS shooter action on that way.

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