Left 4 Dead 2 DLC The Passing Delayed

Left 4 Dead 2 fans will no doubt be saddened that the anticipated DLC The Passing has been delayed. Originally thought to be released  at the end of March, Kotaku is reporting that the DLC now has a release date of Spring.

However, in this news, some new information has been learned revealing not only the price of the DLC but also some new weapons that you can use to take out hordes of zombies.  The DLC will set you back 560 MS points( $7) once it finally hits.   A golf club will be added as a melee weapon and should allow the inner golfer in you to split some skulls.  Also, a M-60 anti-personnel rifle will be added to the game that should provide some awesome firepower.

So, while gamers will have to wait just a bit longer to interact with the original characters from Left 4 Dead, it is not all bad news that hovers over this announcement.  Warm up the chainsaws and reload your shotguns, it’s zombie killing time!

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  • Nicholas Sparks

    why valve why?????????

    • FREDDY

      well the reason it was delayed was that the passind dlc got a glitch when microsoft was installing it and posting it on the market placeit will be realesed on 3-31-10 which is tomarow

      • wat is the original release date

  • Sunnie

    Why oh why do they do this to me?!

  • poop

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  • joe mama

    god dam son of a bitch mothafuckin bastars


    if anyone has more qustions please ask me thank you

  • Begrimed

    Yeah, don’t bitch. They’re delaying the release so that when it finally does hit the marketplace, it’s not a glitched out piece of junk like Left 4 Dead’s “Crash Course” was. They’re not doing it to torture you, so don’t flatter yourselves. Be patient and play something else.

    • Alicia

      Don’t say that, as it won’t be true. EVERYTHING that Valve releases has a crapton of bugs for the first day or two (or more *cough* tank goes down in 10 melees and isn’t fixed for three months *cough*).

      I love them, but they have bad QA testers.

  • When is this dlc actually coming out I’ve been waiting for ages and it sounds awesome. Also is there going to be a l4d3??