Major Nelson’s Xbox Live Account Got Hacked

Some may know him as Larry Hyrb others as Major Nelson the Director of Programming for Xbox Live. He is an influential and well known figure in the Xbox Live community. Well today hackers have hi-jacked his Xbox Live account and left abusive messages on his profile.

The hackers then left a message on his bio stating “ANY ACCOUNT $100 PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!” which shows they have the ability to hi-jack any account for anyone willing to pay.

Thankfully Major Nelson regained control of his account and confirmed this to Kotaku;

“I have control of the account,” Hryb later told Kotaku.” The enforcement team took care of it.”

So what does this mean to us regular gamers? I don’t think we should be that worried as Stepto (Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE) said this on his twitter;

Looks like this was very specific and very targeted to Major. I’ll look into the details and report back later.

So thankfully the Enforcement team took swift action and were on hand to take control of the situation which gives us some peace of mind about the matter. The website is taking responsibility and even recorded a video which you can watch after the break. So how do you feel about this and are you bothered by what happened? Leave a comment below.


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  • James

    Spooky, I ran across a guy, sounding like this with “Code of Conduct” as his motto playing Halo the other night… Should i be worried?

    • Your fine nothing to worry about, Code of Conduct in the motto or bio means that person has been banned permanently or temporary.

  • Haha GoD LiGHTzz ran a train on major

  • Jam Doug

    That happened to my younger brother while playing MW2 his gamertag got hijacked and it took 3 weeks for him to get his account back. The ass that did it wasn’t even banned.

  • Dylan

    Yeah for regular people we’re out of luck if someone hacks us. maybe we get our accounts back but the hacker(s) always get away. $50 says they’ll track them down and really put the hurt on them. i wish they couldnt get the account back though. i would be lmao right now if they still had it

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  • Monty Almighty

    I was temporary Banned from Xbox Live two days ago for having “PENIS!!! That is all” as my motto… I know now that its a “Bad word” to have on my Xbox live profile.
    Jeez I could have been warned first, I would have been happy to change it.
    Now i have “Code of Conduct” as my Motto, Name, Location & Bio…
    THIS IS SHIT!!! Xbox should deal with real trouble makers like modders & hackers & leave the normal gamers alone. we pay €24 for 3 months of xbox live and i cant even have my motto that i use for everything on my XBL-Profile…
    all i have to say now is… PENIS!!! That is all…

  • Micheal

    My account was locked by some fag over xbox live. His gamertag is Uncorrect and his another one is SKmZ enforcer When i tired to log on it said i was suspended for payment option and never had a credit card on my account and when i called micrsoft they said this account has been stolen and they couldnt do crap. I mean what the hell i had a 12 month gold on that account but 3 weeks later i got it back because that guy who locked it acceidently unlocked it and then i quickly change my GT and info and email and i never talked to him before please stop him he did it to my friend also

  • Ryan

    The same thing happened to me too. Just a few days ago actually, and the account is still totally locked, deleting all my friends, denying my mom of gettin me the 4000 Microsoft points that were supposed to be my Xmas present, and if I do something that even entails buying, downloading, or sending anything. Nice job, random hacker. You just f***** up my Christmas.