Conduit 2 Announced In Nintendo Power

The Conduit

We’ve had quite a large amount of game announcements coming from magazines lately. Apparently, there is yet another one, which wasn’t completely out of the blue. GoNintendo reports that Nintendo Power Magazine’s next issue ” features an 8-page blowout on the title” of Conduit 2. They also confirm that more gameplay types are coming, new classes, suit upgrades, and more. The full current details are below, according to ConduitNetwork and GoNintendo:

Though High Voltage isn’t ready to spill the beans about specific[online] modes just yet, the studio promises a bevy of new gameplay types, as well as the return of the first game’s innovative Bounty Hunter mode.

As you might expect, weapons like the Vortex Cannon will add a few wrinkles to online competition, as will the introduction of different character classes, each with unique attributes. You’ll also be able to unlock suit upgrades that bestow your character with special skills; robotic legs, for example, will let you sprint greater distances.”

“Right now, the plan is to have one primary suit slot and two secondary slots where you can equip upgrades, but that may change in the final game. From a purely cosmetic standpoint, you’ll have tons of options to change your character’s appearance using the same modular system the team uses to diversify enemies. For those who prefer to keep their gun fights local, Conduit 2 will feature a two-to four-player splitscreen option for all of the game’s competitive modes.

And when you want to take a break from blasting your friends and loved ones, you can team up with them in the new co-op Invasion mode. Up to four players can join forces (either via splitscreen or online), and the challenges they’ll face are unique to this mode. Further details remain under wraps, but we always welcome the chance to eradicate some alien scum with our fellow humans.”

“Their first order of business: expanding the game’s scope, “In the first Conduit, I think the core experience is very sold,” says producer Josh Olson.”

– ASE returns
– set in Atlantis
– SEGA publishing
– Huge boss battles
– old/new weapons

I have played The Conduit, and didn’t find it such a spectacular title. However, I think that High Voltage shows great potential with this next title, and I’m waiting with the rest of you to see just how this will all shape out.

[Thanks to GoNintendo and ConduitNetwork for the information.]

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