Justin Bieber Revenge Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Justin Bieber Revenge
Release: March 23, 2010
Genre: Music rhythm
Developer: Tapulous
Available Platforms: iPhone & iPod Touch ver. 3.0 or later
Players: 1-2 via bluetooth
MSRP: $4.99
iTunes Rating: 4+

It’s no surprise that music rhythm games are popular and addicting; you can thank Guitar Hero and Rock Band for that. For fans of the genre looking for some music rhythm games on the go, chances are they’ve stumbled upon Tap Tap Revenge for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Tap Tap Revenge has been around since 2008 and has quite a huge presence in the iDevice market. With Tap Tap Revenge 2, tapulous tested separate individual track packs for bands. Shortly after, Tap Tap Revenge 3 was released and more standalone track packs were available. Tap Tap Revenge has always been free. New songs are constantly being released for free, but the standalone track packs are for hardcore fans willing to spend money. Not many are available, but among them, there is something for everyone who likes a certain genre of music. With that said, believe it or not, Justin Bieber has one of his own titled ‘Justin Bieber Revenge’.

Now before I start, I am not a fan of Justin Bieber. I knew he was a pretty big hit among the younger audience, but didn’t give it much attention. With this app, my opinion changed slightly. You still won’t find me listening to the music separately, but with the Tap Tap Revenge gameplay added, it’s playable.

Justin Bieber Revenge isn’t so much a new game, but instead a standalone add-on with Justin Bieber all over it. From songs to themes, hardcore fans will not want to stop playing. If you’ve played Tap Tap Revenge 3 on the iDevice you’ll already be familiar with the gameplay. Notes fall from the top of the screen. When they reach the diamonds, tap them and points will be added to your score. Consistently tap them in order and your multiplier will increase. You can shake the iDevice when you reach the 8x multiplier to increase your score per note; for some songs, the overall theme changes, but for most, only the color changes. In the previous version of Tap Tap Revenge, this acted like star power. In Bieber Revenge, there are also star notes. Hit them in order and you will receive a 16x multiplier that lasts 10 seconds. Unlike GH or Rock Band, if you miss a note, the song will continue to play. The only thing you will lose is your multiplier and end up with a reduced score.

Like I said before, fans of Justin Bieber will really enjoy this app. There is a good selection of his music spread across four difficulty settings. You will only have a few available from purchase, but you can instantly download another 8 for free. Hitting the notes is easy as there is no lag. Can’t miss a minute without seeing a picture of Justin Bieber? Fear not. He is on just about every screen in the game. Also included is a chat room. Here you can join other fans in a discussion about Justin Bieber and Skateboarding.

Unlike Tap Tap Revenge 2 and 3, there is no splitscreen or online multiplayer. There is however bluetooth multiplayer. I didn’t try bluetooth multiplayer as I don’t know anyone locally with the app, but I’m going to assume it works the same as online in TTR3. In online, the gameplay is the same as single player but you are competing in real time for the top score against a friend.

My overall thoughts:

I must admit, overall, I actually had fun with this app. Sure, it’s not my type of music, but with the addition of the addicting Tap Tap Revenge gameplay, it’s playable. Fans of Tap Tap Revenge alone will not buy it just for the gameplay. You have to really enjoy Justin Bieber’s music to make a purchase. With that said, for $4.99, fans are getting a great game on a portable device.

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  • after having a daughter listening to this kid’s CD constantly…I’m willing to buy a Tape Tape Bieber’s mouth shut app!

  • Justin Bieber’s so annoying, and this game doesn’t even deserve a review. It’s the same as all the other Tap Tap games, but with horrible music sung by a 16-year-old boy-that-sounds-like-a-girl that has way too many fans, that’s also a fad. I really hope you got this only as a review copy.

    • Yes, I got it as a review copy. I am not a fan so I wouldn’t buy it, but it does everything right for the fans.

    • u’d think at 16 that his balls would’ve dropped by now.

  • Justin Bieber is very talented for his age. He is also very famous and my kids love him. .

    • That is true, he does have quite the vast fan base in the younger mainstream audience.

  • He is so awesome. I enjoy his songs a lot!