Web Of Intrigue

Spider-Man has shown up in many facets of the media from the things that made the series great such as the comic books, movies and multiple cartoon type shows. He has also shown up in some video games some that were worth the play through others that quickly saw the bargain bin or value shelf. Spider-Man first hit the scene in 1962 fans and nerds everywhere fell for the unlikely nerd super hero that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created. Peter Parker your not so average next door geek would quickly be ingrained in the hearts and minds of millions everywhere.

On the video game front many of the Spider-Man franchise games have been a big hit or miss with gamers. In recent years the games have slowly been sliding farther downhill becoming nothing but bargain bin fillers. Even being a Spider-Man fan and avid gamer the games were hard to swallow especially when there was no filler for the fans. Graphics, sound and animations were very relaxed almost non existent. As far as story lines go you felt disconnected from the actual characters and overall Spider-Man world.

Fans of the games or the Spider-Man series in general may finally have a game to look forward to. Closer to the roots of the actual comic book series this will be one to look out for. Spider-Man has finally come into the future with the announcement of Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions. Check out what the Spider-Man Dimensions website has to say:

That’s right true believers,your favorite web-slinger is back bringing you all new action, worlds, and Spider-Men themselves. In Spider-Man™: Shattered Dimensions you’ll get to play as four completely unique Spider-Men in four distinct universes. Today we’ve announced two of these worlds and two more are still to come.

In Shattered Dimensions gamers have 4 different characters to look forward to playing in 4 different unique worlds. Like the all new Spider-Man noir that follows Spider-Man as if he was web slinging back in New York in the 1940’s. Taking away the bright trademarked red & blue suit to give Spidey a darker more noir type style. Not only has Spidey changed but the style of the in game art will also be changed when you are playing the Noir Spider-Man. Darker more gritty levels will be seen as well as a film-grain-simulation type style. You will see high contrast between the light areas of the game and the dark area of the game.

Unfortunately for fans of the series news is very slow coming as of right now but the site does promise that more news will be coming in the next few weeks. Though to wet your super hero Spider-Man appetite there is a trailer that you can check out. Here is the teaser trailer:

So is Spider-Man back as far as the video game genre goes?

Get ready if you are a comic book nerd, video game nerd or just in general want to see if Spider-Man games can redeem themselves. More information will be released to the Shattered Dimensions site. Again keep your eyes on Platform Nation as we will also be keeping you in the loop as new news and images become available.

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