Latest Super Mario Galaxy 2 Trailer Reveals New levels, Gameplay

The third official trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 has been released, revealing a surplus of new details on Nintendo’s upcoming platformer, Super Mario Galaxy 2. It shows many things that you may or may not have known in the past. After the video, I’ll go through all the facts found in the video in a nice bullet-point list.

So, here are the facts:

  • Mario’s new “launchpad planet” is one shaped like his own head. (“Launchpad” meaning that’s where you launch off to get to other galaxies and planets)
  • One of the launchpads (or even the only one) will be a panel in front of a steering wheel
  • Yoshi will be able to fly and launch you in the air through a power-up
  • A level involving Mario rolling on a ball with a star in it will exist (much like the one in Galaxy 1)
  • “Rock Mario” will be a new power up, in which Mario turns into stone, turns into a ball, destroys stone, and even goes bowling for some weird white creatures
  • Boo Mario, Fire Mario, and Bee Mario will make a return appearance, with no new features to them known so far
  • Invincible Mario can still destroy Bullet Bills!
  • Yoshi will have a “Light Yoshi” power-up in which he can see invisible paths, in order to help guide Mario
  • This game will be awesome (known by all already)

(Trailer courtesy of GoNintendo)

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