Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Priced By GameStop

GameStop has leaked information about those official Xbox 360 USB hard drives we’ve heard about (first rumored and then officially), and they ain’t cheap. According to the confusingly similar GameSpot (who saw the prices temporarily listed on GameStop’s website), there will be both 8GB and 16GB drives available, the smaller for $39.99 and the larger for $69.99. According to Major Nelson, we’ll see them in stores in May. (via Joystiq)

Its seems GameStop has leaked some info on the pricing of the upcoming 360 USB hard drives. The 8GB version will go for $39.99 and the 16GB for $69.99 both seem a little pricey.

I like the idea of having these portable USB drives work on the 360 being able to take your game saves and such with you on the go is a great idea and also letting you expand your current space without buying a whole new hard drive. The price of these are the only thing that I don’t like, being $40 just for the 8GB seems a little high and even $70 for just a 16GB. Both are out of the price range I would be willing to spend because both in my opinion are overpriced and MS needs to lower the price if they are expecting to sell these.

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  • What? Seriously! I can get 4 16GB drives for that price. Jeez

  • Wyatt Fossett

    “official” rip-off is more like it. geez. 1 gb sticks are like 2 bucks at any future shop these days.

  • can you say “overpriced!”

  • My 8 GB Cruzer Micro was only $20, YEESH!

    Agreed. Way overpriced.

  • M$ doing what they do best…living in fairytale land.

  • Steven ORourke (Fatal45)

    agreed! way way way overpriced just to have the “official” xbox usb drive…for $70 you can buy another game

  • James Martin

    Now people will buy these because they think they will be better than all the other ones available. For that price you might as well buy a 60GB HDD off eBay.