Archive | April, 2010

Greg Hastings-Paintball Tour Of Duty

The Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball video game franchise will again impress dedicated gamers and paintball players alike who are looking for speed, strategy and skill in their next console shooter. GHTP 2 will launch on the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft in 2009. Other game platforms will be announced at a future […]

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Flash Game Friday for June 30th – Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Flash Game Friday is a weekly column, where we highlight some great new free online Flash games put up in the past week. This week’s highlight is the game “Super Mario Bros. Crossover”. Originally, when I was preparing for this week’s Flash Game Friday, I convinced myself that for this week’s edition, I would avoid […]

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Digital Cowboys: Episode 154

Final Fight: Double Impact
This week we welcome Andrew J Smith, of Proper Games. Andrew was the designer for the recently released Final Fight: Double Impact on XBLA and PSN. One of the best Arcade ports we’ve yet witnessed. We talk to Andrew about the job of not only bringing the classic Capcom […]

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