Dragon Age 2 Coming In May 2011

With the recent uprising of Dragon Age: Awakening, everyone who has purchased the game legally received a flyer inside with a photo of a dragon and the date 02/01/11.

Today BioWare stated they will be releasing the “Prequel” to Dragon Age in the spring of next year, which subsequently has nothing to do with the flyer.

In the press release BioWare stated that you will be playing as a young Alistair, finding yourself in a constant battle with the Templars before eventually gaining rank among the Grey Wardens.

This comes as a surprise, that the prequel game will remove most of the RPG fundamentals from the original title. No character customization, no imported elves, squat, zip. Don’t get me wrong, Alistair is cute and witty but can he hold his own game?

There is still a lot of questions about Dragon Age 2 that I’m sure will be answered soon (at E3 I assume), but one still remains. What the hell is the flyer advertising? maybe it was a typo? maybe BioWare Bazaar 2? who knows.

I’ll see you on 02/01/11 to find out.

Happy April fools to all Citizens of Fereldan.

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  • Hawaiian Shark

    Interesting, I didn’t think there would be any mention of a DA2 until 2011, let alone a release then…

  • Dante

    …WTF what did you do to dragon age E3!!!? Plaiyng as a younger alistair and that’s it!!? Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against alistair but Seriously? wow.. Well I suppose All is not Iost guess..I’ll try to buy the game then see how it is who knows maybe it actually don’t be a dissappointment ..

  • It’s an April Fool’s joke, dudes. Look at the posting date.

  • Wyatt Fossett

    I thought the LOL catz photo would be pretty obvious. Or the “happy aprils fools” at the bottom. 🙂

  • Sarah The DAO JunKie

    D: DON’T DO THAT!!!

    That scared the living ccraappp out of me to play as Alistair..
    After all… I wanted to go to Par Vollen and see all the qunari people and then go off to all the rest of the lands..

    gggaaah!!!! I really cant wait until dragon age 2 comes out…

    Bioware better not screw this up!!

    Like they kinda did in mass effect 2….[game consists of… character recruitment and character missions..? Along with SOME things on the main story..? GENIUS..]