Episode 104: The Big Effing PAX Show

microphoneThat took a whole lot more time than I thought.

We knew it would be a big show, but only when we strung together all the audio did we realize we were cresting two and a half hours of content!

PAX East was amazing! And full of great games and things to see. In this episode, we take you on the floor and into the halls of PAX to hear a whole buncha-buncha interviews with developers and peripheral representatives. Edie, Hawkes and Goalie offer their opinions on what they saw as well.

What titles, you ask? Well, check this out:

  • Turtle Beach headsets
  • Crackdown 2
  • Split Second
  • Alienware computers
  • Playswitch (our sponsor — who we didn’t even know would be there)
  • HydroThunder Hurricane
  • APB
  • Julia Booth, our youngest GameHounds listener.


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