Exclusive- Wii Getting New GTA Title

GTA Wii Edition- Shooting in an alley

One of my closest sources revealed late last night that the Wii will be getting a brand new exclusive Grand Theft Auto title that is set to take place immediately after the events of GTA3. Grand Theft Auto: Wii Edition is confirmed to be the working title for this GTA Wii Edition- Stealing a cargame.

Rockstar is looking to take “full advantage of the Wii hardware, be it internally and through the control schemes”. This game will be using the MotionPlus add-on that will enhance the driving sections of this game, as well as the gun yielding and many other things that will be making use of it. You will be able to walk around the city in ‘gangsta’ style and the game will mimic it, as well as the other walking styles included. We don’t know if MotionPlus will be mandatory, but I hope it won’t be- I don’t have it!

Also included here will be mini-games like Chinatown Wars that will see you driving and, of course, fighting other people.

GTA Wii Edition- Shooting in the streets

As the screenshots indicate, the HUD of this game replicates that seen in all other GTA‘s.

“Rockstar have been working on this secretly for some time, and they are trying to get the controls perfect” said my source. “This will be a Wii exclusive title and is set to release late this year, with the official announcement coming at E3.”

We hope that this does stay an exclusive, unlike Chinatown Wars, but even if it doesn’t then this still looks set to be a great title. My source has a proven track record of getting things right, so take some pepper with this one- because this is HOT news.

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  • Whoa! This is amazing! do want now. 🙂

  • Sweet! I would say the Motion Plus has to be added for better aiming etc

  • Looks quite good

  • Might have to get a Wii again!

  • Alex

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  • Gugered

    Yeah, and the best part is that the game in the screenshots is GTA 3! Anyway nice try dude, but GTA for Wii hasn’t been confirmed. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be awesome though. Fake.

  • Yaw


  • James Martin

    People are still commenting on this? o_0

  • steve

    those pics are off gta 3. this is super fake never heard so much bulls**t