MW2 Stimulus Package DLC Code Giveaway

**UPDATE** Contest is now over  but you can go here and try and win the Stimulus Package for X360 again!!

Bailout in Action!

Listen up Platform Nation community, do you want to cure your Mapathy? Well we have just the news for you. Platform Nation has got there hands on a code for Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package DLC. The package priced at 1200MSP contains 3 new maps & 2 returning fan favourites from Call of Duty 4.

New Maps;

  • Bailout: A multi-level apartment complex
  • Storm: An open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
  • Salvage: A snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars.

Returning Maps;

  • Crash: A war-torn urban environment
  • Overgrown: Which features a massive dry creek bed

To win the DLC for the best-selling video game of all time, simply leave a comment below stating your favourite weapon & map – one comment per person only.

The contest ends Saturday 3rd of April, just in time for the Double XP weekend. The winner will be emailed the code so make sure and include your real email address. If the winner doesn’t reply within 12hrs I will be forced to choose another winner. While your here why not jump over to the Platform Nation Facebook Fan page and become a fan to get in the good books and always stay connected to the great content we push out.

You can find some screenshots and a trailer for the Stimulus Package DLC below. Good Luck to all entrants and until next time were oscar mike!

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  • Jeffrey

    My favorite map is Highrise, and my favorite weapon would have to be the Barrett .50cal! =D

    • Bryan

      My favorite map is Derail. Many good times camping with claymores inside the buildings.

      As for my favorite weapon, M16 Red Dot all the way!

  • Paul Hudson

    My favourite weapon (excluding the knife) is the UMP45 Silenced because I like to get up close and personal with my kills, and at short range nothing (well, nothing other than Akimbo stuff). My favourite map has got to be Highrise because for some reason no one ever goes in the downstairs bit so I can get behind my prey for my up close and personal kills with the UMP45

  • Cory

    favorite map is underpass and favortie gun is the p90 |ps you guys got some serious typos in this

  • versapak

    My favorite map is Favela, and my favorite weapon is the FAL.

  • Shortyd77

    My favorite gun would have to be the acr because it is strong but also accurate. My favorite map is wasteland because you can pull out one gun and destroy every one who is waiting in the middle camping and mess them up.

  • totoguy

    Favorite map is Derail, and weapon is the Sniper Rifle 🙂

  • iSpartan24

    My favorite map is Skidrow I just love the layout of it, oh and is your article supposed to be March3? Or April 3?

  • David Z

    My favorite map is Scrapyard and favorite weapon is .50cal

  • ATC 1982

    P90 and the map with the crashed air planes.

  • Pwnzor

    My favorite weapon is the ACR. It’s so accurate and if you know how to use it, you can kill everyone. My favorite level is Afghan. I love the urban setting and how I can snipe out snipers with the ACR from across the level.

  • Favorite weapon is Lmk and map is derailed

  • sUPER_09

    My favorite map Is Highrise. It really puts an american touch to the game. And my favorite weapon is the Intervention with thermal sight

  • eugaet

    My favorite map is Sub Base and my favorite weapon is the SVD Dragunov.

  • bob

    my favourite is map is derail, favourite weapon is ACR

  • rechee

    my favorite map quarry and my weapon of choice is the FAMAS.

  • Hawaiian Shark

    Favorite weapon, P90 Akimbo

    Favorite map, Afgahn

  • MarkyB

    Favorite weapon? TAR-21, good range and clip.

    Favorite map? Probably Favela, a great all-rounder and street map.

  • abu66535

    My favorite weapon is the FAL and my favorite map is Scrapyard.

  • CarltonBanks85

    My favorite weapon is the M16A4 and map would be Karachi.

  • b stooks

    I absolutely love the Rust map and I’m quite partial to the AK47. 😉


  • My favorite map is Sub Base and my favorite weapon is the P90

  • Nick

    My favorite map is Highrise.

    Intervention is pretty darn sweet.

  • FleaRHCP36

    My favorite map would definately b rust bcuz u get so many kills and fav weapon in both cod4 and cod6 is without dought the m4 carbine.

  • Danny

    Favorite map Karachi favorite gun M4.

  • shareek jackson

    My favorite map is favela and my favorite gun is the tar 21.