Split/Second VS Blur My Thoughts

I have heard about it but never had the chance to play it until PAX East and the game I am talking about is Split/Second and I am going to let you know what I think will become the next racing title that will be crowned victorious in my book.

I had played Blur and I thought I had found the one racing type game that would hold my attention long enough to play it and really enjoy it.  From the on track power ups and the tracks, Blur quickly caught my attention and kept me playing it even though I had reached the level cap on the demo.  I enjoyed almost all aspects of the game from the nitro induced head rushes to the spectacular crashing.  The handling of the vehicles is awesome and the ease of the controls just felt solid in your hands.  This racing game is  just was what I was waiting for, even though some of my colleagues  disagreed with me and said you can’t make your up your mind just yet you have to play Split/Second.  So when I seen Split/Second at PAX East I thought to myself well here goes nothing, nothing will beat out Blur in my mind.

So I grabbed up the first available controller and set down my bag and got down to business.  The game started out pretty good the graphics where good (alright great) but there where no power-ups on the track for me to get my nitro induced head rush and no bolts to fire at the car in front of me, how lame is this going to be.  Well lame it is not, as I kept the accelerate button smashed down as hard as I could I started to pass vehicles and I began filling up my powerplay meter and the excitement really started.  You are able to fill up your powerplay meter by pulling off some cool jumps, drifting around the tight corners and passing vehicles when possible.  This was great I didn’t need no silly power-ups to play a racing game.  Then my racing world starting falling in around me as certain things started to happen as I found out about the destructive environment around me from planes crashing to buildings collapsing, my little racing world was in flames and was being destroyed at every turn and the powerplays where making it happened.  The environment changes even allowed short cuts to be opened up and even a front loaders bucket came down in front of my car creating a distraction and before I knew it I placed 5th and I wasn’t really upset that I finished so far behind the winner, I was just glad to have the time with the game.

So has playing Split/Second changed my mind?  Yeah it did and it really it  isn’t even a close race as playing Split/Second for that little bit has me wanting more.  I can’t wait for this game to be released as it will be my first racing game that I have purchased for my library and to those that told me so, I am now a believer.

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  • Absolutely agree, I enjoy the Blur beta but SS is has me wanting more…Blur, not so much.

    Blur seems dependent on having other friends online playing against you to really get theh full enjoyment. SS was fun in single player races and I can’t wait to race against friends in this game.

    After PURE and now Split Second, Disney is really bringing quality games to the market.

  • Nice writeup. I’d been curious about how Split/Second was going to turn out and felt the same as you after playing Blur. I thought for sure Blur would be my 2010 racing game but maybe when I play split second I’ll have my mind changed as well. Is there going to be a demo released on XBL or PSN?

    • Kevin

      Yes, there will be. On Split/Second’s Facebook page (where they announce everything) they said:

      “We noticed a bunch of you are inquiring about a demo. Stay tuned, more info coming your way shortly. ;)”

      So there will be.