Apple Patents Gaming Accessories

With the announcement of some big title games on the iPad comes the news of some much needed Apple accessories. Apple has filed a patent for a series of products that will benefit mainly gamers, including a case that can hold your portable device complete with d-pad/joystick and buttons. Another development worth mentioning is the ability to link to external devices, such as your TV via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and then transfer both video & audio to the device to be used as an in-game advantage.

Circuits, methods, and apparatus that provide user interfaces for playing games on portable electronic devices. One example provides a game accessory having input controls for playing video, audio, and other types of games. The game accessory can have input controls, such as buttons, joysticks, and D-pads. Another example provides a game accessory having a thumb pad or keyboard. Other possible features include microphones, cameras and camera lenses, speakers, a second screen, rumble, and motion detection. The game accessory may have a recess sized to fit the portable electronic device. Inserts or removable adapters can be used to fit portable electronic devices having different sizes. The portable electronic device can be held in the accessory using sliding covers, clips, or other engaging members. In other examples, the accessory can communicate with another accessory for head-to-head game play. The accessory may include circuitry for power, identification, and authorization.

The patent filed in 2008 was released to the public yesterday and while other sites showed off their not-so-real peripherals, this bit of technology will actually be heading our way.

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