Download Yourself Free Modern Warfare 2 NVGs For Your Avatar

Seems like Microsoft is starting to like the idea of  giving away free stuff nowadays, stuff  like the Bing Avatar shirt & some avatar props. But now the MW2 Night Visions Goggles which are usually 240MSP are now free. So now you can pimp out your avatar for the recent release of the Stimulus Package.

I just downloaded these and there pretty cool & free is always good in my mind. So what you waiting for? Head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and add those NVGs to your download queue. Also if you happened to not see that Platform Nation is giving away a code for the Stimulus Package DLC you can head here and find out how to win. Until next time I’m oscar mike!

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  • TheLegionMaster

    All items in Avatar Marketplace on Xbox Live should be free.

    • 50/50… There should be more free avatar items, but premiums like baseball and football jerseys are ok.