Target Demographic – Episode 088 Kelly… Why?!?

We are down Matt, but joined by Chris and Kelly from The Married Gamers. A spirited (but not in that way) around the pool table, and some great quick fire topics.

Around the Pool Table:
– Playing Motorstorm
– Played Magic the Gathering…

– Leveled to 70 in MW2 – just shy of 3 days playing
– Playing Earthworm Jim on iPhone
– video game skills in real life Dig Dug my backyard
– watching Castle and Chuck

– Played through God of War III
– Played through Metro 2033 on PC (check the review here)
– Played through Age of Zombies (PSP Minis)
– Played through Patchwork Heroes (PSP)
– Played through Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares DLC
– Playing Just Cause 2
– Playing Red Steel 2
– Playing Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Wii)
– Watched The Blind Side
– Watched Waitress

– Finished Heavy Rain – Twice
– Playing We Rule on the IPhone
– Playing Left 4 Dead
– Watched Trama, American Idol, Doctor Who, and for Bryan Secret Life of An American Teenager

Chris Brown:
– Playing L4D2
– Playing Zombie Smash
– Playing Game Room: Yar’s Revenge, Crystal Castles, and Scramble
– Playing Final Fantasy XIII
– Playing Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story
– Watching Lost, 24, Modern Family
– Watched Hot Tub Time Machine

Main Topic:
– One Game that you site to evangelize to non-gamers that Video Games as an artistic medium have progressed greatly
– Video gaming as a hobby for adults suffers from being seen as juvenile as non-gamers. Why? Will and how will this change?
– Will my wife ever play games (i.e. will some people simply never become gamers)
– Game Over Month at the Married Gamers

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