Digital Cowboys: Episode 150

DC 150

How to start a podcast: Part 1.

We’re 150 and we thought rather than looking back on what we’ve done we’d give something back to you guys. This week we have on Rob Borges of Gamers With Jobs and Steve Ridley of Sanctuary 4 Gamers, two of the biggest independent podcasts on either side of the Atlantic to help us give every single one of you a crash course in podcasting. From our nine years combined experience, find out what mistakes we’ve made, what equipment and techniques we use and listen in on some sage-like advice on how to make what you say sound awesome.

From a personal standpoint, this is about the only thing I do really well and if I get hit by a bus tomorrow I’d like to pass it on to anyone looking to start their own show. Hopefully I can survive until next week because there’s a Part 2 coming.

To the vast majority of our listeners who don’t have any interest in doing your own podcast, it’s still damned entertaining stuff. You’ll find out just how much effort goes into our shows and maybe learn a few things about your diligent hosts that you didn’t before.

Here’s to 150 more episodes of DC. Many thanks to Rob and Steve for your tireless and first class guest-hosting, and I don’t say this nearly often enough, but thank you Tony.

This show wouldn’t exist without its heart.


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