PAX Prime 2010 Registration Now Open

You are probably asking yourself what is PAX Prime?  Is it another show being held somewhere else?  The answer to these questions are real easy PAX Prime is the original PAX that is held in Seattle Washington and registration is now open for the event.  The event is set to take place September 3-5 2010 and you will see a slight price increase in badges. Badge prices are set at $35 for a single day badge and the three day badge will set you back $55 a little more than last year but that is due to the City of Seattle public event tax.  So if you are in the area or are planning to attend PAX Prime 2010 I suggest you get your badges now, and just a side note if you are going to register for a media badge you will have to wait as registration is closed still for media badges.

04-02-10  5 Months? What?!
PAX Prime 2010 is open for preregistration! There are some pretty cool changes for this year that we’ll be announcing shortly, but we figured the most important bit was for you to snag your badges and hotels!You may also notice a slight (a few bucks) price hike this year – it’s actually due to the City of Seattle public event tax – sorry!

See you in September!

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  • Jeremiah hill

    Can’t wait!