Babeorella Review (iPhone)

Game Review: Babeorella
Release: Mar 25, 2010
Genre: Shooter
Developer: doublesix video games ltd
Available Platforms: iPhone/iPod Touch
Players: 1
MSRP: $2.99
ESRB Rating: 12+
Website: DoubleSix Games

Babeorella sets out to titillate, and ends up being a fun arena-style survival game in the process. In this iPhone game, you are cast as Babeorella, a hot, female space-farer that crash lands on an asteroid inhabited by killer robots. Your mission is to survive using only your wits and the variety of weapons and melee combat you have at your disposal. The longer you last, the more upgrades you earn and outfits you unlock.



In order to keep Babeorella alive and bouncing, you will need to take on an ever expanding and deadly army of robots. Controlling her movement is done with a virtual d-pad on bottom left of the screen, while her attacks are located on the bottom right. Babeorella has a light and heavy attack at her disposal, as well as a dash maneuver and Bimbo Bombs. The weapon used in her attacks is chosen by the game, so depending on how far away the enemies are, Babeorella could use a blaster, a whip, or a fierce kick to take out her enemies. Bimbo Bombs can clear out a lot of oncoming enemies if timed right.



As an action game, Babeorella has ample fun built in. Dashing around the arena taking out robots is a good time and really gets the blood flowing. The different robots require slightly different strategies or weapons to defeat quickly, so changing up your attacks is a constant consideration, especially in later levels. Challenges and power ups can be picked up by spawn points located in the arena. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can level up your attacks, health, or Bimbo bombs. Unlocking different outfits for Babeorella is a nice cosmetic feature, but doesn’t change the gameplay at all.



Unfortunately, Babeorella is limited to one arena in the game. I expected to finish an arena a move to the next one, or be able to choose at the outset, but this is not the case. Given the $2.99 pricetag, I expect more than one map. There is an slot for DLC in the options screen, but nothing is available at this time. I expect that any DLC will be paid, which also makes me a little less than excited.

Babeorella dlc

Babeorella DLC

All in all, my time spent with Babeorella was a lot of fun. The tongue in cheek aspect of the game only adds to its charm. Even with my initial disappointment at the inclusion of only one map, getting Babeorella to survive longer each time is a fun carrot to chase. Hopefully DoubleSix will see fit to bless Babeorella with some new maps and costumes soon, and for a reasonable price (i.e. free). Until then, we will have to make do with the bountiful assets we’ve been given.

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