Electronic Gaming Monthly Rebuilt For The iPad?

Everyone’s anxiously awaiting the return of Electronic Gaming Monthly. Everyone was anxiously awaiting Apple’s iPad, which stormed the country yesterday. Combining two great tastes, magazine founder and relauncher Steve Harris has confirmed plans for EGM to tackle the mobile device. Previously, the relaunched magazine was confirmed to have both a print and interactive online iteration, but with the iPad proving to be, at least, an interesting look at reformatting the print medium, EGM looks to be tapping into it with their relaunch.

Currently, gamers can read a preview of the infamous Lost” issue of EGM in this new interactive format.

For one, I honestly cannot wait until the new issues arrive; Electronic Gaming Monthly, wholly and unabashedly, is the reason I went into writing. From the time I picked up the 1993 Video Game Buyer’s Guide, I had fallen in love with the magazine, and despite the last years losing their touch, the return of the magazine is a great sign for the future of video game periodicals.

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  • iPad is way too cool to own, i wanna buy one next month.”*,