Asteroids: One for the Ages

Billy Mitchell, eat your heart out. Yesterday, after a three day binge, John McAllister bested the 28-year-old record for Asteroids. Earning 41,338,740 points, McAllister beat Scott Safran’s 1982 score of 41,336,440 by a relatively narrow margin.

“How is this possible?” I hear you asking. Simple: McAllister only took breaks when he had racked up enough spare lives to provide a time cushion. Still, even with his careful preparations… GamesRadar’s Tyler Wilde mentions one particularly close call:

[…]a bathroom break last night left him only two remaining ships, nearly costing him the record.

All that’s left is for Twin Galaxies to verify the legitimacy of the achievement. This is, quite literally, one for the record books.

Information and image comes via GamesRadar

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