Blur Multiplayer Beta Gone Public

About one month ago, Activision released a beta on the Xbox 360 for the upcoming racing game Blur. The only way into this beta was by obtaining a code from various gaming websites and redeeming it on the Activision website. Platform Nation was lucky enough to receive many codes to give out to the community. However, codes were limited and were quickly redeemed.

Missed out on that opportunity? Well today is your lucky day. With the high demand to still get into the beta, Activision, along with Microsoft, have made the beta available to the public as a demo. However, there is a small catch. You must have an Xbox Live Gold Subscription as it is an online multiplayer beta. Also, since the initial release, the beta has received an update with an increased level cap, and 20 new cars to race with. What are you waiting for, get racing!

Add the Blur Multiplayer Beta to your Queue from the Xbox Live Marketplace

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