So You Sold Your Soul To A Video Game Store

UK based store GameStation is now the owner of 7,500 souls after online shoppers of the  retailer failed to notice a very crucial “immortal soul clause” within their terms and conditions. They added the clause to purchases made online  earlier this month allowing them the right to claim their souls. Customers who took the time to read the terms and conditions and opt out of the soul transaction were rewarded with a £5 voucher.

GameStation says this proves that over 80% of people buying online do not take the time to read the terms and conditions.

Luckily for the current soulless, those in charge over at GameStation will be emailing customers to inform them that they have nullified any claim on their soul.

(via Newslite)

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  • haha, that’s awesome

  • jeremiah night

    that is awesome

  • Mark Withers. (MarkWithers)

    that is just too good. The fact that i bought Darksiders from them during this time makes its even better

  • Wow, that’s awesome on so many levels. So funny and absurd, yet it also taught people a lesson.

    I think I’ll read the small print a little more now.

  • I almost wish I was British now, just to have sold my soul.


  • Wow, thats crazy. I don’t think it reflects as badly on the people who bought the games as it does on our sue happy society and the complex contracts and EULAs that we now have. Who is really going to read the multi-page lawyer speak document? Contracts are important though and people should make a effort to at least skim through them beforehand.