Xbox 360 Storage Update Now Available

You have heard about it and now it is here.  The Xbox 360 System Update that allows USB Memory support is here.  Here is a little about how the new update will work for those of you that are memory challenged or just are looking for some extra space.

The most recent update to Xbox LIVE® enables support for USB flash drives to expand the memory of your Xbox 360 console. Now you can experience all that Xbox LIVE has to offer, from HD movies to downloadable game content. Take your game saves, Xbox LIVE gamer profiles, or Arcade game downloads with you. Buy a pre-configured Xbox 360 branded SanDisk USB flash drive to ensure the most seamless experience and optimal performance.*

So for those of us that have a 20GB HDD this is a nice feature and for those of us that like to bring our games saves with us to a buddies house it sure beats dragging along your HDD.  But if you are looking to buy a USB storage devices and you don’t have internet access to download the new update you will have to wait until May when the branded 16GB Xbox 360 USB sticks will be available with the update right on the USB stick.

Where can I buy USB storage devices that work on my Xbox 360?
For a seamless and optimal experience, we would recommend you purchase the pre-configured Xbox 360 branded SanDisk USB Flash Drive, which will be available for sale soon.

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  • It’s not the most ideal solution but at least they made the effort to give this option for those of us that don’t want to pay for overpriced MS memory. Thumbs up.

  • People have to be stupid to buy a 360 Branded USB Drive for that price. $35 for 8GB’s & $70 for 16GB’s?! COME ON!

  • Yodathe3rd

    I’m sry why can’t Microsoft just be like Sony and allow any size external drive and who is going to pay for overpriced thumb drives