Ron Gilbert Leaves Behind DeathSpank At Hothead

If you don’t know the name Ron Gilbert, you need to educate yourself. Gilbert, or “Ronnie G” or “Da Gilb” as some might prefer, has penned, directed, and/or programmed some of the funniest and best games out there like the first two Monkey Island games and the recently canceled Penny Arcade Adventures.

Most recently, he made some waves at PAX ’09 by debuting footage from his latest endeavor DeathSpank, an upcoming action RPG from Hothead Games. From what’s been shown (which is surprisingly little considering that the game is all but certified and shipped), DeathSpank has all the Gilbert juice that makes magic happen from his direction to his humor.

That same distinctive humor came out on his blog yesterday when he made a somewhat unexpected announcement that he would be leaving Hothead. It’s unexpected in that DeathSpank is so close to release and that the game is his brainchild. Though he’ll still work with EA and Hothead on DeathSpank PR, it appears any contributions to other Hothead games like Tales of Monkey Island ends here.

At least he promises to blog more and maybe remember his Twitter password. Here’s hoping DeathSpank is everything we expect it to be—I hear it’s a Nobel Prize contender!

Source from Shacknews and Grumpy Gamer.

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