Sheriff Earp’s Most Wanted 2

I can’t even recall the first time I heard about APB, E3 08 perhaps? Even then with little to no info on the title, it peaked my interest. An open world cops and robbers, a GTA extreme online experience.

All Points Bulletin by Realtime Worlds is seemingly the deepest customizable experience known on platforms, and highly ranked on PC as well.

“APB is an online city full of life, vehicles, and thousands of civilians.” says RealWorlds CEO David Jones.

You completely create your own person from scars, down to unique tattoos and features. Once you’ve created the virtual player, you join a side (morally), be it cops or criminals. Inside those two factions you can have  gangs/groups/tribes that act as your “party”, your “friends”.

The main “goal” in APB is to become rich and famous within it’s world. The criminals will have greater success in short term to gain fame and fortune, while the enforcers will have a much larger payout long-term. This choice of sides is based purely on your actions, rob and kill and your destined for the criminal life. If instead of robbing you seize criminals mid-crime you become know as an enforcer.

I am still hesitant as to which side I’ll follow, although the gang name The Disturbers will be snatched up rather quickly and I would hate to miss that opportunity.

I will hopefully get a hands on at this year’s PAX Prime and hopefully at GDC Canada in the next coming months, and I’ll report back with and actual impression. Look for the full report and further information here, and soon. I can however say that I am looking forward to this game and the changes it brings to MMO gameplay on consoles.

APB (All Points Bulletin)


Release Date : TBD

*Dead 0r Alive*

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