Top 5 Crazy Hair in Games

These are my top five picks for weirdest/coolest/lamest hair in video games.

5. Birdie, Street Fighter Alpha – Swiss Cheese Head

This hungry snack of joy from the SFAlpha game was a lame character with obvious malnutrition inspired hair. I hope Ken and Ryu shared a Birdie head Sandwich afterwards.

4.Cloud Strike, Final Fantasy VII – DragonBall Plagiarism

An Obvious play on Goku’s hair from the DragonBall series. I’m also certain that if Cloud and Goku fought over the hair style, FFVII would have one less protagonist. Just sayin… FireBall > Buster Sword.

3.Heihachi Mishima, Tekken 6 – Old-man Up Dew

This old-timer has some moves, but what he doesn’t have is Nivia Just for Men gray hair removal system. Mishima looks like scrooge McDuck stuck a fork into an outlet and contracted Japanese Fighter Syndrome.

2.Rockey Rodent – Anything Dew

Remembering this game in it’s entirety is a joyous dream. As Rockey Rodent you run through the levels beating up baddies with your awesome hair, collecting power-ups changes your hair into something different. From chain link whips to Fire attacks Rockey Rodent kicks some serious salon ASS.

1. Bayonetta – hair-suit-of-armor

Uhhhh..  her clothes/armor is made up of her hair? Do I need to say more. OH WAIT!  Periodically it comes off of her and turns into giant monster eating demon dogs!

*Don’t see one of your picks on here? Post a Comment!*

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  • Bullshit, Birdie kicked ass.
    He’s a wrestler, a criminal, a british punk, he has one of the coolest supers, and he’s fucking untouchable against air moves.
    And it looks like a bird’s beak, not swiss cheese you asshole.