BioShock 2 Giveaway

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway on Platform Nation. Let’s get Spring 2010 going with an Xbox 360 version of BioShock 2 AND a Big Daddy Bouncer plush toy (courtesy of Tenacious Toys)! In case you’re wondering why I have 2K Marin’s latest blockbuster as a recommendation to all gamers, you can read up on me waxing poetic on the single-player campaign here (I know, shameless plug) and Adam Jagger discussing the merits of multiplayer gaming here!

Simply leave a comment below letting me know why loved the first BioShock and why a Big Daddy Bouncer plush toy would make your day. I definitely want a variety of answers to give me perspective. Make sure to leave a valid email address so I can contact you!

Before you start commenting, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Must be a US resident. Sorry international folks, but shipping outside US borders costs a pretty penny.
  • Due to the mature rating of the title, you must be at least 17 years of age.
  • We’re giving away an Xbox 360 copy of the game. PlayStation 3 fans will have to sit tight for the next giveaway.
  • Giveaway ends April 14, 2010, at 12:00 PM PST. Any entries submitted after this deadline will not be eligible. Winner will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond back. Failure to do so will force my hand into selecting another winner. So please check your inbox, and make sure you have Platform Nation on the “not spam” list.

Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to responses.

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  • I loved the environment of Bioshock the most. The whole creepy underwater city feel is fantastic, I’m weird like that. And who doesn’t love some plasmids?!?

    I would love a plushy Big Daddy Doll whom I would name Mr. B and when I play Uno or Burnout Paradise, he will be the star on my vision cam for all to envy.

  • The first BioShock played out like a movie to me! To some it may have seemed just like another game, but to me the horror of the little girls and decisions to be made whether or not to suck them dry or save them just sold me! The imagination that went into this game blew me away! It was almost like a dream someone would have and I got to play it! I am yet an owner of the second release due to lack O funds, so this prize would make a poor man happy! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Bryan

    Question: If I accept to pay the shipping, would you accept an entry from the friendly North?

    If yes, my answer…

    The original Bioshock remains as one of the most immersing environments ever experienced in gaming. From the first scene in the water, you really felt like you were part of that world. Although it wasn’t really a survival-horror title, the atmosphere kept you on your toes, and I’d often feel a shiver trail down my spine just from the intensity of not knowing what to expect.

    As for why I’d love a Bioshock Big Daddy plush toy, well, I grew up surrounded by many ‘stuffed animals’, including many Garfield ones, My Pet Monster, and various others. I still have that appreciation for them, and I’d love to pass them on if I ever have children of my own.

  • Onsyman

    The first BioShock was a masterpiece in my opinion, simply because of the design of the game, very movie-like and very original, just like every game should be. (plus you can’t say no to plasmids!). why would a Big Daddy plushie make my day? just because it will be a perfect add-on to the costume i plan(not for me..) of a Big Sister!

  • Rapture made an amazing playground, the atmosphere in Bioshock made me want to play it in the middle of the night in complete darkness with headphones. I loved the first one but haven’t played the 2nd yet.

    The Big Daddy would probably join the ranks of the Storm-trooper, Altair, Crypto bobble-head, and Electric Chair Marv on my desk. It’ll be like Toy Story only with toys that are awesome.

  • I loved the suspense & visual quality of BioShock. It is a true masterpiece.

    The Big Daddy plushie will be a gift for my wife (used as a bribe so I can get more time to play BioShock 2)!


  • Joe

    cool i wanted to know how this game differs from the first one

  • ATC 1982

    I would like to win the plush because it would be an awesome B-Day present for me since my B-day is on the 15th. 🙂

  • samversionone

    I loved the original mood of the Bioshock. It was so dark and retro and really drew you into the story.

    As for the Big Daddy Plushy, I’m planning on creating the ultimate GI Joe vs Big Daddy battle.

  • TXPaladin

    I found Bioshock to be a very immersive game from the beginning and that continues through out for me. Its one of the few titles that scares the you know what out of you in my book. I can only imagine what will be in store for Bioshock 2. This line of games is the first to get my heart pounding and for that I’m amazed at what they’ve created.

    Everytime I run into one of those Big Daddys, I wonder if he’ll go down easy when I attack him or not. I can at least look at this Plush toy and say, “Your not so tough!” Plus my kids will more an likely find him to be cute. Just wait until they grow up and play these games then. LOL

  • Chris Poirier

    At it’s purest, most distilled form, my love for Bioshock stems from the sense of wonder one experiences upon entering the distopian Rapture for the first time, the unique art deco style, and the overall level of immersion, which is downright incredible.

    Despite never actually hearing Jack speak, the player can emphasize with him – from the puzzlement as to the circumstances surrounding his descent into Rapture, to the awe as the Bathysphere opens to reveal the troubled city for the first time, to the horror of the shocking revelation at the game’s climax. In this sense, we *are* Jack, not a 3rd party controlling his actions.

    As for why a Bouncer plush (modeled after the one the ever beautiful Eleanor carries in the first teaser trailer for Bioshock 2) deserves a place in my collection? I made the unfortunate mistake of not pre-ordering the extremely rare gamestop only Limited Edition of the first Bioshock when it was made available, and to this day regret it. Only something as spectacular as one of these Bouncer Plush toys could ever atone for such an egregious error.

  • Minimo

    I loved the first Bioshock because it was the first game I owned that had me hiding behind pillows every time I had to go down a dark corridor or turn a corner! I actually borrowed it off a friend and I made them watch me playing and tell me when something was going to jump out at me 😛 That said, I thought it was a really good, fun game that wasn’t afraid to explore with the more brutal side of gaming. Plus the vast environments and detail was somewhat revolutionary in it’s game genre.

    A big daddy plush would make my day because it’s my birthday this month (YAY) but also I have always had an obsession with soft toys since I was tiny and still have a large amount of them left and owning a big daddy plush would definitely make me feel less like a kid!

  • RJMontalvo

    I ended up only being able to rent Bioshock 2 but feel it was a solid sequel to a game that left very big shoes to fill. The multiplayer was a lot of fun, especially the Capture The Lil Sister mode. Looking forward to getting back into the game, with lil Daddy sitting next to me.

  • mark

    My wife and I loved to story line and action of the first one as well as both my kids, the plush doll would be awsome to have cause I like to collect gaming swag, it would be a nice surprise and help us get. Through these rough times since we are both unemployed and heavily searching for new jobs, so this would help break up the boring hours waiting for an interview call, thanks

  • Mikebz28

    The first Bioshock was the first game in a long time that i did not care if it had multi-player after playing through the single player. The tone and the mood set in the first game was both tense and creepy. Sometimes it would be just a room you were in along with the music and other times it would be the battle with a big daddy. Anyway Bioshock is in my personal top 10 of favorite games.

  • Andrew

    I haven’t played the first BioShock yet. As for the Big Daddy Bouncer plush toy, it would just look great on top of my Xbox.

  • Nate

    I loved the first Bioshock as any gamer should. Its the feeling of the few moments before you attack a Big Daddy is what I love about it. The enviorment looks awesome and how it gives you that claustrophobic feeling when you go into every room. The plasmids are nothing but pure fun to watch a splicer run off in flames that me and my brother enjoy the most.

    As the for the Big Daddy Toy i think i will give it to my brother who is also a huge bioshock fan like myself and im sure he will like having a new toy.

  • Jeffrey

    I loved the story of Bioshock. The Big Daddy plush would make my day due to its awesome if it’s in my room!

  • Dustin Bond

    I would love the Big Daddy plush toy for my daughter actually. I am a huge fan of Bioshock, I have a total of 19 posters/lithographs of the game on my wall, including one signed by Jordan Thomas from the launch party. My daughter, who is 3, knows what Big Daddies/Litle Sisters are and has talked about being a Little Sister for Halloween. I think she would be thrilled to receive a plush toy like this. Please keep us in mind!

  • Jam Doug

    Lol, I love the comments above. I personally enjoyed Bioshock the first game. It took the First person shooter genre to another level for me by adding plasmids with your standard weapons. It was a game that kept me at the edge of my seat with my lights on. I honestly thought I was a wonderful game until you got to the final boss fight then it fell apart for me.
    To be honest with you I’ve already played Bioshock 2 but my younger brother hasn’t yet and I know he’d enjoy like he did when I sent him the first game. So i’d give the game to him and for the plush toy that I would give that to 8 month old son to chew on instead of me controllers.


    Jam Doug

  • George Babilonia

    Bioshock took me on an adventure that made me question myself, when you live in a world where everything is gray. Its hard to think about living another life. Bioshock made me feel like a whole new person, the multiple characters like Andrew Ryan and Fontaine let me see into the heads of other people. Bioshock also made me decide on whats more important, power or a child’s life. The atmosphere of the city was amazing It represents lost dreams. Dreams of being accepted only to have it crushed.

    The big daddy plush, represents innocence in chaos because the little sisters trusted them and the big daddys cared about them not for Adam but there life. In addition, the plush is cute.

  • SickPigeon

    I never bought the first BioShock even though it got great reviews. I know where to get it for less then $20 now but don’t want it unless I get BioShock 2. I really want the limited edition version but it’s still over $90 which is about 3/4’s of my extra spending money on a good paycheck. Since I like to eat I haven’t bought it. But the posters with glow in the dark messages and the vinyl record make it the coolest bundle in a while. That said, a free BioShock 2 will make me buy the first, so 2 games for $20 is a sweet deal and I can have a few days of non dollar menu meals.

    The stuffie is cool, I’m sorry I may not appreciate it as much as most. Probably because I haven’t played the games yet. But if I won it it would go to a good home. Either my friends daughter who games at my house on all my systems, one of my ex girlfriends son has boys night everyonce in a while at my house where we game, or to one of the kids at my job. True story, sounds like BS but I’m a counselor at a childrens psych hospital. They get alot of stuff from me.

    I know it’s wordy, but BioShock 2 would be a great game to own. Bye

  • A.Ryan

    Would you kindly send me Bioshock 2?

  • dynamicgrimking

    i love bioshock because it is aw some. the graphics are great. game play is challenging. the in game music fits in perfectly with the games setting,and time period. the story is simply unique.

    as for the big daddy doll it will be sent to my good friend Jamie who loves the big daddy’s

  • gilligan156

    For all the aforementioned reasons; impressiveness, atmosphere, captivating, storytelling, and a memorable effect on me as a player. Bioshock was one incredible experience I’ll never forget, and why I’ve been afraid to play the second one. They could not possibly out-do the first Bioshock, there could be no way to one-up that masterpiece. Could there?

    On a personal note, Bioshock was also the first game that convinced me to invest in a surround sound. I wanted to properly immerse myself in the world of Rapture, and being able to hear Splicers from around the corner was very helpful. But perhaps what I loved about this the most was my roommate’s terrified expressions in response to what sounded like a violent drug addict about to attack us from our dorm bathroom.

    Oh, Bioshock, how I miss thee.