Ever Purchased A Game SO Bad That You Couldn’t Finish It?

Let’s face it.  Everyone at one time or another has taken the financial plunge and bought a bad game based purely on their own delusional expectations.  I’m talking a game that is so bad and has had so many negative reviews, yet for some reason you still want to buy the stinking piece of garbage because surely, it can’t be that bad.  A game so bad that if your console could talk, it would berate you for buying it and refuse to play the game lest its circuits get tainted with the stink of the retched game.  Luckily in this day, gamers have more options to guide their game buying decisions.  Often times, games will feature demos, or at the very least game play videos.  Bigger drawing titles will be prominently featured on channels such as G4TV and in the various gaming magazines.  Websites will also play a big part in getting the news about games out to gamers with their reviews and news stories.

However, in the past it was not the same gaming world that it is now.  Game demos were not common place and were usually only available for this big, blockbuster titles that everyone knew would be reviewed and sell well.  If a game like E. T. for the Atari system or Superman 64 were proposed today, those developers would probably be laughed out of the business.  But yet, those games are part of gaming history with their remarkably awful controls and graphics.

One of my more recent examples of such a game is the Xbox 360 title, Shrek the Third.  A game released to coincide with the 3rd Shrek movie in theaters around that time.  I, however, did not pick the game because of my devotion to Shrek, even if I did enjoy the movies.  No, sadly my reason for playing the game was because I was in a GamerScore challenge at the time and thought it might be a way to pick up an easy 1000 points to pad my score.  Oh, was I in for a disappointment.   The game just felt really clunky with controls that did not respond well.  Often, the camera would seem to fight with me so I had no idea where I was going to end up when I would move or jump in the different areas.  The voice acting, not provided by the actual cast of the movies, was painful to listen to and had none of the charm of the movies.  I was able to make it through one level of the game, after many frustrating attempts.  Shortly after that, I stopped and asked myself what I was doing and if it was worth it trying to get through this awful game.  Sadly, even padding my GamerScore was not even worth this punishment and the disc was removed from my system never to be seen again.

I’d love to hear about your own bad game decisions, feel free to comment and share with everyone your own gaming shame.

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  • PlayingMantis

    Yeah, you should check the achievement guides on or before you buy a game just for gamerscore.

  • Scarfinger

    The Outfit by far. When I first got a 360 I let Major Nelson convince me that was a great game. I was a fool

  • Wrestlemania 21 for the OG Xbox. It was the supposed to be an excellent WWE game on the Xbox at that time, before the SvR series was released on the 360.

    It was horrible, weak controls, crappy collision detection and Xbox Live was broken on it at launch and throughout its short lifespan.

    That game was garbage.

  • Ah, the money wasted on games that I have bought and just sit there because I just didn’t like them. I really should just rent games.

    • I’ve considered renting, but here, to rent for I think 2 nights is $10. Might as well just buy the full game and play whenever for much longer IMO

  • zenaxe

    I never did finish pacman.

  • Lair PS3 SHITE!

  • tecmo nba unrivaled was horrible it almost brought tears to my eyes to see how bad tecmo can screw up a good thing

  • xino

    The title doesn’t even make sense!
    Ever bought a game so bad..!? wtf:/

    Anyway I don’t recall me ever buying a game that sucks so badly.
    Ninja Gaiden 2 was one I waited for and ended up being disappointed, same goes to DOA4.

    Another Unreal Tournament 3.

    But I don’t remember hyping up a game, buying it and finding out it sucks.

    I bough Marvel vs Capcom 2 on psn and the game sucks.

    Worms on Xbox Live Arcade sucked too.

    Again Star Ocean 4 on PS3.

    I guess when I hype up games, they turn out fine, but high expected games not to suck are the ones that turn me down.
    One more, Dark Forest DLC for Dante’s Inferno.

    • Kim

      Actually the title makes perfect sense.

  • dapalon

    Prince of Persia.

    Boy what a crappy game.

  • Mude

    Wow, some great examples of shitty games, and a few not so appropriate ones. I suppose one is entitled to their opinion, regardless whether it’s right or wrong. I’m gonna have to say Dead to Rights for the PS2. All that time spent with the clunky camera, stupid mini games and repetitive action scenes drove me nuts, I never did go further than the graveyard with the clowns in it. Needless to say I won’t be buying the remake/sequel for the ps3.

  • Propagandist

    Final Fantasy X

    I am a huge FF fan. I’ve played every one since FF4. This one’s characters just annoyed me, with a storyline that didn’t make me care, and a beaten-to-death combat system. I can get over the combat system and even the story line, but the characters, especially Tidus and Yuna or whatever, made me want to die. Couldn’t finish it, asked a good friend for plot synopsis, never went back.

    • Teo

      You think X was bad… HAHAH what about the three titles after that haha

  • deryellis

    yeh final fantasy 13

  • omatsei

    Too Human. God what a waste of time.

  • Plapons

    Heavy Rain … the graphics are NOT as good as they say.

    God of War3… beautiful graphics… same lame ass gameplay from 20 years ago… lame lame lame… it’s still a tiny corridor you are forced down… nothings changed… jsut better graphics

    • amtheone

      halo what a bad serie
      what the fun about killing puple and pink monsters….
      gear of war the first one was ok but do we really needed a 2 and am pretty sure we dont need a 3….
      but the worst thing that a brougth was not a game…
      It’s a 360 😉

      • NYGLT56

        sounds like PS3 fanboyism 🙂
        halo does suck ill give you that.
        but gears is wicked. bad ass game play and cool monsters.

    • NYGLT56

      sounds like 360 fanboyism to me 🙂
      God of war raped, great way to end the series, heavy rain… its Ok

  • Obamas milkshake

    Sonic the heghog for xbox 360 I thought it was gonna be badass because it was next gen and we all know how that game turned out same thing with shadow the heghog game that game looked cool but you know.

  • Good topic.

    I just rented Kane & Lynch yesterday. I got through the first level and immediately returned it to Blockbuster’s. It was mentally, emotionally and somehow physically painful to play. Which sucks because the story had promise. I guess the story was decent considering they’re making a movie based off of it. Let’s hope the movie doesn’t suck as much as the game.

  • zombieShotgun

    Army of Two 2

    seriously that game just flat out suck man . the camera angle is bollocks the controls are shit and ai is as smart as a firefighting monkey

    i only enjoyed the first becauuse it had splitscreen coop and theres very little games that have that these days for some reason idk why though

    im gonna stop ramblling now

  • Dirk

    I felt that way about Godfather II. I love open world/sandbox games and I so wanted to like Godfather II. I played the 1st and 2nd missions which basically introduce you to the game and couldn’t stand it after that. The map – games best feature was innovative yet the hardest thing to use for me.

  • mts

    wii alone in the dark

  • a lot of people here are not sincere, and are seeking to feed their own fanboy agenda but i am. funny this article came up cause today i bought Tekken 6 and it is the worst game i have ever played. seriously this game stinks; furthermore i wasted 30$ plus on it. i loved Taekken 4 and Tekken resurrection but this game sucks so bad i can not begin to release my pent up rage and disappointed that i have bought this game

  • Jad

    Why oh WHY… did I buy a ps3?!

    What acomplete IDIOT I am… lucky I traded it in for a 360… I feel so much better now.

    Natal coming out tehis Xmas… gonna OWN the move.

    • NYGLT56

      Fanboy fanboy fanboy looooooooooooooool

  • franwex

    Quantum of Solace for the 360,
    Final Fantasy X (it was mentioned above and I agree),
    Final Fantasy 8, and there’s actually a whole bunch of other ones too.

  • awesomeman

    The most recent game I got and couldn’t finish was Modern Warfare. I played it for 10 minutes then put it back in its case.

    First time I played it was when my friend brought it over. After all the hype my friend fed me, it was nothing more than a cookie cutter FPS with out dated fps mechanics and unbalanced multiplayer. Every aspect from the story, characters and game play lacked excitement.

    I gave it a second chance when I bought a 2nd PS3 and got the game for free along with uncharted 2. It was still shit. It just collects dust on my cupboard.

  • Brian

    I remember I bought The Darkness not long after it came out and thought it was a pretty good game then I got stuck at a bit in it and couldn’t be arsed putting the time in to get past it and it suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t like the game. Same thing happend with ffX2 and ff13 come to think of it. You know a games bad when you get to a point that’s to difficult to get past and you go, you know what I’m fine with that.

    • final fantasy virgin

      I bet your one of those fan boys who think final fantasy 7 is the bomb and the story telling in 8 is the best of all time… 7 I would agree with its damn good 8 on the other hand is a horrid piece pf trash I am glad they came out with 9 which I agree its visuals leave something to be desired.

  • Its not a game but a game system. My X-Box 360 is by far the biggest pice of sh** I’ve ever wasted $ on! Luckily the thing just RROD for the second time. I refuse to give M$ anymore $ for a defective system that can’t even handle any kind of regular use! My lunch day PS3 has never given me any problems so I will stick with just it from now on!

    • NYGLT56

      Fanboy? 🙂