Free Just Cause 2 DLC Available Now!

Just Cause 2 has been in stores for around 2 week now, 2 weeks of hell… well, hell for Panau at least, Rico Rodriquez has been flying,driving,swimming, boating and parachuting his way around the island causing chaos almost 24/7, and now he has been given a new vehicle to help him along his way, for free!

This reinforced, pimped-out ice cream is available now on PC, PS3 and 360, and can travel at speeds much higher than you’d expect from such a heavy vehicle, although with it’s rigid bull bars attached to the front, the vehicle can also use its weight as an advantage. Prepare to smash your way through oncoming traffic and, with my 20 minutes of time with this new car, I even managed to make other vehicles explode with one head on crash.

The Chevalier Ice Breaker is the perfect addition to your arsenal of vehicles for ramping up the chaos on Panau. Take it for a spin and add to the over 25 million kilometres driven by players worldwide.
And remember Just Cause 2 is available now on PC,PS3 and 360

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