Lost Planet 2 Versus Demo Impressions

It appears that Capcom have bestowed the gaming community with yet another Lost Planet 2 demo, the previous demo was only just released last month and both show different aspects of the multiplayer section of the final game due out later this year. In this new versus demo we don’t encounter any large terrifying monsters but instead players battle against one another with matches ranging from 2-16 players on a map.

The demo transpires in a new map called Turbulent Jungle, which has a mixture of both partially decaying ruins and lush green planet life that is very different from the familiar snow wastelands we are used to seeing from a Lost Planet game. The demo features two game types the first being Elimination, this acts as a familiar game mode where the aim of the game is to reach 20 kills, whichever team manages to complete this objective first, wins. My only problem is with this particular game mode is that each round I have participated in appears to end pretty sharply, other than that I really enjoyed it. The second game mode is called Data Post Battle, which involves collecting the data posts that are scattered around the map and holding them until the timer runs out. I really enjoyed both game modes especially the data post battle mode because of its fast pace and the strategy required in order to win and hold the post effectively. This demo also allows you create your own game and adjust certain settings however many of the options cannot be changed.

The demo also accommodates a good sample of weapons ranging from the standard machine gun to plasma guns and rocket launchers. The grenades can also be either your best friend or your worst nightmare as the constant grenade spamming becomes annoying after a few deaths. However saying that, most of the weapons available in the demo feel well balanced in my opinion. Other weapons include a stationary turret that can operate as both a machine gun and a rocket launcher (two-birds-one-stone) and the other weapons of choice are the mechanized machines that I think are the iconic weapons associated with Lost Planet. Occasionally the robot suits can seem a little over powering at times, but  nothing a small group of skilled players can’t make light work of.

Final Thoughts: My closing comments about this demo is that although this demo isn’t perfect (although what is these days) it still is working progress, at least judging by the disclaimer when you start the demo so it would be unfair to make I final decision about the demo one way or the other. There are several aspects of the demo I really enjoyed, in particular the weapons and intense action the demo manages to manifest at certain points within a match/battle, its at those moments I  think really make the multiplayer experience what it is. I really enjoyed the data post collection game mode because of the strategy  needed to collect each post and the teamwork required to capture and defend several at the same time which I think is brilliant and can even make the odd grenade spam death forgivable at times. Overall a refreshing taste for those hardcore Lost Planet 2 fans so check out the demo when it becomes publicly available later this month.

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  • The demo looked great but I found the combat and lag very frustrating. It takes forever to kill someone.

  • I actually have this downloaded but havrn’t gor round to playing it yet. Nice article clear and concise 🙂