Sam & Max: The Penal Zone For iPad

“What do space gorillas, talking alien brains and bunnies with psychic powers have in common? They can all be found on the iPad in Sam & Max: The Penal Zone!“*

The Penal Zone, episode one of season 3, is the latest addition to the Sam & Max series. Today, Telltale games released a new trailer that highlights the newest adventure, the Sam & Max world, and the unique iPad control scheme. Along with this trailer, new screenshots are also available.

Also, for a limited time, The Penal Zone will be available for a low introductory price of $6.99 on the  iTunes App Store. This is a great deal for iPad owners and Sam & Max fans as the non discounted price is $9.99.

I’ve personally never played a Sam & Max game before – mainly due to the point and click adventure gameplay. However, after looking at this trailer, I feel I must start playing. It seems really fun.

*The opening is quoted from the press release email. Was too good not to open with.

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  • This looks interesting indeed! If only I could get my iPad now

  • I’m pretty sure I reported on this story last week…

    Anyway, that’s trailer’s KINDA new. I’ve heard that the game on iPad was just a rushed port from the PC version anyway.

    • Sorry man. Sarah was going to post Wednesday but was unable to and was looking for someone else to post for her. This was a press release we received via email. Didn’t mean to post over you. Again, sorry. I’ll be sure to look into it more next time.

      • That’s okay. I got the press release from Telltale’s website on the 2nd. I didn’t see the video at that time, though.

    • Steve said to post 🙂

  • KieranD

    I’m playing through it on PC now, it’s really good fun.

  • awgegw