Modern Warfare 2 DLC For PS3 Gets A Date

Modern Warfare 2

To all the PS3 owners out their that play Modern Warfare 2 here’s a little information to brighten your day.  Fourzerotwo has commented on his Twitter account letting all Twitterholics know that the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package is on it way for the PS3 and the PC.  Here is what he had to say:

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package DLC will hit PS3 in North America on May 4th, everywhere else May 5th. PC gets it worldwide on May 4th

Looks like the Stimulus Package will be dropping your way soon so mark your calender. Let’s just hope the PS3 version isn’t plagued with as many problems as the Xbox 360 owners experienced.  Here is what maps you will get if you purchase the Stimulus Package for the PS3 or the PC as you can see there is no change from the 360 maps that people are already playing:

  • Bailout – a multi-level apartment complex
  • Storm – an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
  • Salvage – a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars
  • Crash – a war-torn urban environment (CoD4)
  • Overgrown – features a massive dry creek bed (CoD4)

Good Luck and watch out for those Snipers.

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