Pokémon Black And White Announced, Scans Leaked?

As many avid Pokémon fans will probably already know, it has recently been revealed that the next generation of Pokémon games are to be called Pokémon Black and Pokémon White.

That is all that has been revealed for now, but an announcement is due from Nintendo on April 15th- so I’ll be looking forward to then!

But for now, we have some new scans to look into- it’s from a Japanese magazine so we don’t have any idea what it’s all talking about, but from what we can see it looks as though it will be set in some urban world, and the camera angle will be lower than what we have come to expect from our Pokémon games. Pokémon battles seem to have been under construction also, with it now showing the full Pokémon instead of just the upper half; this could lead to better animation of the Pokémon moves, which would be widely welcomed, I’m sure.

Opinions are welcome, and scans are below courtesy of PokéBeach.

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