Rap Super Stardom

Your up on stage bright lights shining on you the bass kicks in pumping like the blood that’s flowing through your veins. The crowd is all a buzz about the hot new emcee up and coming on the scene but always sure to rip up the mic. So wait this must all be a dream right like Kanye West your spitting a flow as the crowd is right there with you hanging on every word. Well this is not a dream it is a new game Def Jam Rap Star created by 4mm games a small group founded by Rockstar Games co-founders Jamie King and Gary Foreman. Def Jam Rapstar takes the spotlight shines it on you transforming you into that next hot rap super star.

Def Jam Rapstar doesn’t look for you to be the perfect vocal artist by asking you to have the prefect singing voice. What you do need is the ability to make the lyrics flow and become a true lyricist. Why not enjoy some great music well you can spit your own lyrics or use the ones from the original artist. Share your performances with a friend or start a battle. Def Jam Rapstar lets you have the choice of how to play be it solo, battling a friend or taking a crew online to battle other crews around the world.

Def Jam Rapstar features:

Straight Up, No Chaser
Def Jam Rapstar is all about Hip-Hop and the music that makes it great. Spit bars with the best in the history of the Rap Game past and present, and prove that no one else can touch you on the mic.

Bridging The Gap
Golden Age. Platinum Age. Old School. New School. Veteran. Rookie. Def Jam Rapstar has the hits no matter what style you represent.

Every Day A Star Is Born
If you’re an aspiring emcee developing your skills, Def Jam Rapstar helps take your game to the next level. Get instant feedback on your lyrical accuracy, timing and tone that’ll help you go from amateur to icon.
On P-O-I-N-T
Def Jam Rapstar features custom, proprietary voice recognition technology that keeps tabs on your lyrical accuracy, because no one respects a fraud.

If You Are Who You Say You Are…
Direct and star in your own music video to show off your “swagnificance.” Use an attached console camera to record your performance. Then, edit the lighting, sound and special effects to create your own Hip-Hop classic. Champagne and models not included.
Pay Your Dues
Earn stripes, crush haters and sharpen your skills in the innovative Battle Mode. Trade lines and punchlines for the highest score. Prove you’re not the one to be messed with.

The Next Legendary Lyricist
Do you think you belong on the latest “Top Five Dead Or Alive” list? Play in Freestyle mode and rock the mic over beats provided by world famous producers.
Keep Your Team Strong
Def Jam Rapstar’s community opens the door for passionate Hip-Hop entrepreneurs and fans to get involved. View and rank videos, manage and promote a crew of artists, build a brand and carve out an empire.

Def Jam Rapstar also offers a way for users to share videos similar to Singstar so you can show off your skills or lack thereof. Will you be on the slingshot to super star status or will the stage be ripped from under you as other users see these videos. Social networks have become a big part of games so why not remodel it to make it work for your game. Give what music game lovers or hates have come to known flip it upside down give it a face lift and say welcome to Def Jam Rapstar.

Incomplete song list includes:

2 Pac I Get Around
50 Cent I Get Money
Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang
Kanye West featuring Jamie Foxx Gold Digger
Lil’ Wayne A Milli
Notorius B.I.G. Juicy
Slick Rick Children’s Story
T.I. featuring Rihanna Live Ya Life
Wu Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M.
Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West Put On


So if you are a fan of music games, music in general or just looking to enjoy a good time with some friends you should look into picking up this game when it hits store shelves. Sometime this Fall you will be able to get on the Mic and start spitting flows like you were born to be the worlds best emcee.

Become a Def Jam Rap Star

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