Arkham Asylum Action Figures Coming

Batman: Arkham Asylum was praised by critics and fans alike as one of the greatest games of 2009.  With a sequel looming, Warner Brothers has decided to cash in on the popularity of this particular Batman iteration by beginning production on a line of Arkham Asylum action figures.

Big Download is reporting that ToyFare magazine will officially reveal the figures in their June issue.  While no details have emerged on which characters will make the transition from polygons to polymer, we can be reasonably assured that Batman, the Joker, and Commissioner Gordon will make the cut.  Oh, and throw in Harley Quinn for good measure.  DC Direct will produce the figures, which could mean that the final products are either articulated figures or posed statues… or both.

Of course, anyone who’s walked into a toy or comic book store in the past has no doubt noticed that there are already plenty of action figures based on the caped crusader.  Arkham Asylum, however, managed to successfully blend the style of the mid-90s cartoon series with the grit of the Dark Knight live-action film.  These figures will no doubt be popular among gamers and comic book nerds alike.

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  • The figures will be popular because the game was popular. I think they will be articulated or they wouldn’t be calling them action figures. Now, how much articulation, that is another question, because with the DC Universe Online “figures”, they only have a joint or two in their neck (check superman in the link).

    I’m not sure how they will turn out but I can imagine they will do their best to churn out something good, because these figures, or waves of figures will have the potential to sell a lot, and they will probably capitalize on that with different figures in different waves and the likes. By the way I also posted about Batman Arkham Asylum action figures by DC Direct on my blog.

  • I’d probably get one. Still trying to get an AC2 and an Eddie Riggs figure. Found one but it was too much at the time.