Platform Nation’s Lock and Load – Episode 13

Welcome to this weeks episode of Platform Nation’s Lock and Load, your weekly official P*N Video Game Podcast.

This weeks hosts are, Steven Artlip (Steve519), Scott diMonda (WCC5723) and Simon D Ivanoff (SimonDIvanoff) Host of Gaming Industry Live and CEO of

Our primary objective this week:
– Apple’s iPad

Our rapid fire topics this week are:
Apple Patents Gaming Accessories, by Anne Kenny
Bungie Reveals New Reach Details, by Jordan Silverthorne
Blur Multiplayer Beta Gone Public, by Ben Lehman
Gears Of War 3 Coming April 2011, by Rane Pollock
Free Just Cause 2 DLC Available Now!, by Jake Green
BioShock 2 Giveaway, by Jennifer Kye
5 Awesome Items From Video Games (That I’d Probably Abuse In Real Life), by Jonathan Weeston
Ever Purchased A Game SO Bad That You Couldn’t Finish It?, by Paul Battani
Dangerous Gaming Trends: Open Worlds, by Cooper Bidaud
Tap Tap Radiation App For iPad Unveiled, by Sarah Brannan

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  • Jason Large (BeaArthur)

    Scott, you are killing me. I loved the first Lost Planet’s multiplayer, when it worked, which was only about 25% of the time. It was as much fun as I have had in any multiplayer game. When you said that there was lag in the Lost Planet 2 demo you crushed all of my dreams because lag was what eventually ruined the first game for me. Since Capcom allowed anyone to host matches you inevitably ended up with people trying to hold 16 players in a room when they could only hold 10 and the result was crippling lag. It seems as though the sequel will have the same issue but I will have to see for myself when the demo goes live for everyone later this month. Since Steve brought it up, overall the original Lost Planet was a lot of new, innovative and even great ideas with poor execution. A great multiplayer ruined by horrible lag, and a single player that was boring except for the occasional boss fight. Have either of you played conviction yet? Since it’s Monday I have yet to pick up my copy but I am really looking forward to it as I really enjoyed the demo. Finally, what are your thoughts on Red Dead Redemption? The more I see the more I want. It looks like GTA with gameplay that isn’t akward and clunky.

  • I really enjoyed the extensive game discussion in this episode. Oh, and just for future reference, my last name is pronounced lay-man 🙂