Get L4D Crash Course DLC For 320 Points

Even though this DLC is old, and obviously L4D2 is out. For you long time Left 4 Dead players, you can now get the Crash Course DLC for 460 points cheaper at a price of 320 Microsoft Points. If any of you haven’t been converted and bought L4D2 then this DLC is a bargain for you.

“Left 4 Dead’s Crash Course starts with our Survivors right after their rescue helicopter from the No Mercy campaign crash lands on the outskirts of town. This two chapter campaign includes Co-op, Survival and Versus action, and ten new achievements.”

Left 4 Dead 1 was an amazing game, and truly one of the first good zombie titles for the 360, alongside Dead Rising. And if I still played L4D1, i would be getting this. Remember, it’s only reduced for a week!

Get the DLC Here!

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