Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City For PS3/PC Debut Trailer‏

Fresh from Rockstars desk they bring us a debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for the PS3 and the PC.  It seems like it took forever to get to the PS3, but the wait is almost over as the Episodes are set to release tomorrow.  Here is a little more about the new installment for those platforms:

Get ready for a peak into Liberty City’s sordid underground with outlaw biker Johnny Klebitz in The Lost and Damned. Then take a step behind the velvet rope and onto the dance floor as you explore Liberty City’s high-end nightlife with Luis Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony. Both episodes feature new songs across 13 radio stations, as well as new vehicles, weapons, in-game television programs, online multiplayer modes, and activities including gang wars and BASE jumping.

I know I said there is a trailer for the game so without further ado here it is for your viewing pleasure:

If you are a fan of the series I highly recommend you picking this one up.  I have played Episodes from Liberty City on the Xbox 360 and I think I enjoyed The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned more than GTA IV itself.  If you pick it up let us know what you think of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City for the PS3 or the PC.

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