Platform Nation – Game Of The Month, March 2010.

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Platform Nation – March 2010, Game of the Month.

The votes have finally been counted and the results are sealed inside this envelope which I will open, in just a few short sentences, to reveal the March 2010, P*N Game of the Month.

To recap for those who haven’t been following (and shame on you), the winners so far were:

January: Mass Effect 2

February: BioShock 2

Most of the major releases this month were again multiplatform with one notable exception, but could God of War 3 really triumph against the heavy weights such as Final Fantasy 13 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Let’s get on with the results.

As always, working in reverse order…, in 3rd place with almost 20% of the votes was Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Check out both the single and multi-player reviews for more details on the game that dared to take Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 head on and in many peoples opinion, managed to beat it at it’s own game.

In second place with 30% of the vote is Just Cause 2.  Here we have yet another sandbox game with over the top antics but this one didn’t take itself serious and surprised many people with just how much fun it was.  As Patrick said in the P*N review, Just Cause 2 can be picked up and played between other titles as its there is always something to do on the island. Wargamer17 just loved the amount of chaos you can cause on the massive island. HuntingJake describes it as how a true sandbox game should be and expects much more replay value than other sandbox games.

So who took the lions share of the P*N staff vote for March? I haven’t mentioned Final Fantasy 13 or God Of War 3 yet, or maybe it was even Red Steel 2 for the Nintendo Wii.

It was a very close call but with almost 35% of the vote, God Of War 3 claims the 3rd P*N Game of the Month award for 2010. Jinkwell does a much better job in detailing why GOW3 walks away with the prize in her review, so jump over there and read up on the victorious game, but I can’t let our good old editor WCC5723 escape without mentioning part of his criteria for awarding GOW3 with his vote. Scott awarded Kratos with his vote as he wanted to “give all the love to guys with great goatees” – I like his style.

So congratulations to God of War 3, you join Mass Effect 2, and BioShock 2 in this year roll of honour.  The trend so far sees sequels cleaning up, so do you think this trend will continue for the rest of the year or do you see an new IP stealing the prize next month?  How about the genres that we’re seeing win the prize, can you envisage a racing or sports game winning some month?

As always, the staff would like to read your thoughts on our choice by leaving a comment below, or better still, get in contact with the podcast team on Lock n Load. E-mail us at  [email protected], or you can call us at 484-99-GAMER

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