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I know what you are thinking right now, and no I haven’t lost my mind.  The title of the article is Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers and I am showing a Facebook logo.  Well hold onto your hat and strap on your six shooter as Rockstar has just announced an open beta on Facebook for Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers.  Here is what Rockstar has just released on the subject:

Today we’re proud to announce a brand new application inspired by the upcoming Western saga, Red Dead Redemption. Available for open beta on Facebook this Monday, April 12th, Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers is an action-RPG experience where players duel friends, frenemies, foes, and everyone in between. Duelers can choose among three character classes: Outlaw, Fast Hands, and Sharpshooter. Dozens of Achievements are available, and forming posses will make leveling up as quick as it is fun. Players can also compete on a worldwide leader board for global bragging rights.

Great another reason I should get a Facebook account.  Sounds good, and if you happen to play Red Dead Redemption: Gunslingers  let me know how it is so I can kick myself every time I hear how good it is and I don’t have a Facebook account.

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  • Took a bit to find the link: I’ll be sure to comment back on it here when I play it for a bit.

  • Thanks for the link Ben.

  • It’s ok. It’s like any other fighting RPG on facebook. Think Mafia Wars.

    In Gunslinger, you pick a target and a video of the standoff is displayed. Through random events, you either get shot, shot multiple times or miss. In my first standoff, I missed my shot and got shot in the head. Second standoff resulted in trading 3 kills but again ended up losing. In my third attempt, we traded a shot but I still lost! In whichever case, you receive XP to level up. Leveling up grants you skill points to spend on Attack, Dodge, Health, or Stamina.

    Doesn’t interest me one bit. Needs to be like Nanostar Siege or something to keep me interested.

  • Thanks for the briefing, though this one might not be for everyone I like the sounds of it. Sounds almost like some of the RPG’s I play on my iPod Touch

  • Why did it have to go to Facebook, I am real close here to starting one of those Facebook accounts

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